7 Home Remedies for a Earache ...


7 Home Remedies for a Earache ...
7 Home Remedies for a Earache ...

I never like going to the doctor’s office unless I absolutely have to. I’ve been fortunate enough to not need to visit one for a severe ear infection. When it comes to an achy ear, I find that any one of the 7 home remedies for a earache I’ve posted below seem to work very well. Maybe you’ll find one that works for you too.

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Add a Few Drops of Hydrogen Peroxide to Affected Ear

If the ache is caused by a build-up of wax, the peroxide will help break down the waxy build-up. Peroxide also can ease pain caused by an ear infection. Be sure to only place a few drops in your ear. Wait for the fizzing sound to stop and before turning your head over to allow the peroxide to drain out.


Take a Hot Shower

The warmth from the shower should ease an inner ear ache by loosening up congestions and applying heat to the sore area at the same time. This is a great combo that always makes my earache subside when I’m sick. It gives me at least a little bit of time to feel somewhat normal.


Breathe in Vapors from Herbal Tea

This is a remedy that works well for congestion, which tends to cause achy ears. The build up of mucus in your nasal cavities doesn’t only affect your nose. It actually causes extreme pressure in your ear canals as well. Breathing in the vapors of licorice root tea will provide you with double the benefits. The warm moist air is great for loosening clogged sinus cavities, while drinking the licorice tea helps fight viral infections, a cold, the flu, and it’s also a mood-boosting substance.


Massage behind and below the Sore Ear

Lightly massaging these two areas on the affected ear can greatly reduce the swelling in the lymph nodes. If you have someone to help you with the massage, lay down on your side with the sore ear facing upwards. Have the other person pull your earlobe towards your chin with one hand while still massaging the area below the ear with the other. This combination will enable lymphatic drainage to occur.


Chew Gum

A change in pressure can cause an earache to start. Chewing on a piece of gum usually will help equalize the pressure and relieve the ear canal of excess pressure. If you don’t have a piece of gum then try eating something.

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Apply Heat

You might think that heat would increase the amount of pressure inside the ear, but it is actually very soothing. I’ve heard some people suggest using a hair dryer on low heat and letting it blow in the area right below the ear lobe. I prefer to use a heat compress or a washcloth that has been run under very hot water and wrung out.


Drip Liquid Garlic into the Achy Ear

I learned this remedy from an herbalist many, many years ago. It’s best to warm the garlic slightly to make it a bit runnier. Heating it will make it much easier to drop it into your ear. You only want to apply a few drops, not an entire garlic capsule. Olive oil can be used if you don’t have liquid garlic.

These 7 home remedies for a earache can be used with different types of aches. If you notice at any time that your earache is getting worse or if there’s any strange fluids coming from your ear, then I recommend heading to see a doctor as soon as possible. For mild earaches, what do you find to work well?

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