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High blood pressure can lead to other health issues. It can quietly cause damage to your body for years before any real problems manifest but when they do it can be a heart attack, stroke, kidney disease and even eye problems. High blood pressure makes your body work harder to move blood around the body to feed organs and muscles so fatigue is common. It is obviously therefore, better to tackle it and it can be done naturally so that there is no need for medication.

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Lose Weight

clothing, image, swimwear, beauty, sun tanning, One of the best natural ways to reduce blood pressure is to lose weight. It’s an obvious answer to the question, but quite simply, it’s the best fail-safe way of getting your blood pressure down. Numerous different studies in to the subject have determined that if your body mass index is higher than 30, you are twice as likely to have high blood pressure compared to people with a body mass index within the ‘normal’ region.



human action, person, sports, physical fitness, sport venue, Even a touch of light exercise can make a big difference when it comes to lowering blood pressure. The top end of your blood pressure can be lowered by as much as eight points simply by taking a brisk walk every day. Ideally, this brisk walk should be around thirty minutes long, which means that you could incorporate it in to your daily work commute and therefore you won’t have to find time out of your normal day.


Watch Your Salt Intake

clothing, swimwear, sun tanning, hairstyle, muscle, Be savvy when it comes to your daily salt intake. The main culprit of having too much salt is down to processed foods such as bread, breakfast cereals, ready meals, biscuits and all of your favorite takeaways. All of these types of foods combined account for up to 80 percent of the salt that you consume, so be mindful and make the right decisions.


Try Hibiscus Tea

face, hair, nose, beauty, head, Those of you that like to have a daily cup of tea can help to lower your blood pressure by switching your normal variety to hibiscus. Recent studies have claimed that three cups of hibiscus tea a day can significantly lower a person’s blood pressure by up to seven points, which is the same effect as many prescribed medications.


Increase Potassium Intake

dish, food, meal, cuisine, breakfast, We have already learned about the negative effects of too much salt in our diets, and potassium is a mineral that is brilliant at countering the impact of sodium, which in turn helps to control blood pressure. If you want to increase your daily potassium intake, then tasty and easy to get sources include sweet potato, melon, bananas, mushrooms and various pulses.


Learn to Breathe Properly

clothing, swimwear, sun tanning, girl, vacation, Though it might seem that breathing is perhaps the easiest thing to do in the world, there is a certain knack to it that can stimulate the body in a really healthy way. By taking up an activity like yoga or tai chi, your body can start to eliminate stress hormones which have been labeled as the cause of much high blood pressure. Five minutes of breathing exercises in the morning and at night can do wonders.


Beetroot Juice

clothing, pattern, fashion, dress, design, Beetroot juice has been given something of a miracle reputation when it comes to lowering blood pressure in a natural way. A recent study conducted at Queen Mary, University of London discovered that drinking a 250ml glass of beetroot juice can keep you blood pressure considerably lowered for up to twenty four hours.

The symptoms of high blood pressure are not visible. If you’re not sure if you have high blood pressure it’s a simple thing to get your doctor to check. It’s not something you can identify yourself (unless you buy a blood pressure cuff).

Do you have you blood pressure checked annually (because you should!)?

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I have low blood pressure in general I dont know why

Thanks for this. 

Green tea and coffee

Garlic pill will reduce... 3 stalks of celery a day will lower it too.

Love tou

Drinking lemon juice or vinegar, one tablespoon every hour.

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