You Can Prevent Back Pain by Doing These 7 Things ...

By Eliza

You Can Prevent Back Pain by Doing These 7 Things ...

Back pain is something everyone deals with at some point or another during their lifetime. Luckily, you aren’t doomed to having back pain because there are plenty of easy things you can from back pain, you need to read this article right now. If the pain continues or doesn’t respond to these suggestions, see your doctor to rule out a bigger issue.

Table of contents:

  1. 1. Keep Moving
  2. 2. Use Lumbar Support Tools when You Sit down
  3. 3. Strengthen Your Core
  4. 4. Don’t Forget to Stretch Often
  5. 5. Use a Foam Roller when Pain Kicks in
  6. 6. Go Shoe Shopping
  7. 7. Don’t Let Yourself Sink into Doom and Gloom

1 Keep Moving

It might feel natural to take it easy and kick back on the recliner when your back hurts. In many cases, this can be the worst thing you do. This lets your muscles tense up and the pain might get even worse. You don’t want to be doing back handsprings, but experts recommend walking or other low-impact forms of exercise to help ease the pain and keep your body in shape.

2 Use Lumbar Support Tools when You Sit down

Sometimes poor posture can make back pain worse, but using lumbar support tools forces you to hold your back in a healthy way. You can use such items in your car, your office chair and the seating at home too. Talk to your doctor about which lumbar support options are best for your back pain.

3 Strengthen Your Core

Your core is basically the center of your body and when it’s weak, it puts an incredible amount of pressure on your back, leading to pain. Strengthening your core can really help. Try side and back leg lifts to help engage the muscles in that area. Swimming, yoga and Pilates are also really good ways to strengthen your core, according to the experts at Family Circle magazine.

4 Don’t Forget to Stretch Often

Stretching is something I skip after a workout because I’m ready to be done. However, stretching is vitally important for keeping your muscles limber and able to fight off back pain. There are loads of different stretches you can do to keep your body flexible and healthy. You are going to be totally impressed by the difference in your back pain when you start stretching.

5 Use a Foam Roller when Pain Kicks in

Part of the reason that your back hurts is because you hold the muscles in the same position as you go about your day, whether you’re standing or sitting. Using a foam roller can relieve the pain by stimulating stagnant muscles and getting the blood flowing to them again. A foam roller is ideal when pain starts to kick in, but building it into your self-care routine each day is also a great idea.

6 Go Shoe Shopping

Yes, you read that right. Your shoes absolutely play a role in back pain. Wearing high heels in particular is a common reason for back pain in women. Super flexible flats can also be causing the issue. You need to hit the stores and buy shoes with low heels and lots of support. Don’t worry – there are lots of cute choices so you don’t have to worry that you’ll look like a grandma.

7 Don’t Let Yourself Sink into Doom and Gloom

Chronic pain is a contributor to the development of depression in many women. However, research shows that being depressed can worsen back pain or be the root cause of it. If you have both back pain and depression, it’s time to make an appointment to see a mental health professional. You might be surprised that treating the depression helps the back pain go away too.

Do you suffer from back pain? What do you do about it?

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