Follow These 7 Simple Steps to Ward off Sickness ...


Follow These 7 Simple Steps to Ward off Sickness ...
Follow These 7 Simple Steps to Ward off Sickness ...

Catching a cold? Feeling tired, under the weather and just not at your best today? Well, have no fear because if you are feeling your immune system is suppressed but still hoping to ward off sickness, step to it and follow simple steps. Simple steps to ward off sickness can help you to have more energy, feel better and avoid getting ill. Drink more water, sweat it out with a workout, and even hit the hay earlier to boost your immunity and ward off sickness. And start with these simple and super effective steps!

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Drink Water

H2O is the best way to go to help clean your body, stay hydrated and void your digestive system. Ensuring you are having 8-10 glasses of water can help you ward off sickness and on your way to feeling better!


Go for a Workout

I find no matter how down I feel, a workout always seems to save the day. Even when I have been so sick with barely enough energy to get out of bed, a workout has saved me. Sweat it out to just feel better and kick the sickness to the curb!


Stay Active

It seems so simple but unfortunately so few do this and this is to move and stay active. Get up, walk around and move that beautiful body. Your body will thank you by helping you to ward off sickness and feel at your best. A simple step to helping you feel at your best!


Increase Your Vitamin C

Increase your vitamin C with fruits and veggies to boost your immune system. If illness is on its way to attacking you, it is time to fight back and claim your health. You can do this by simply being proactive and increase the healthy foods that help you!


Detoxify Your Body

Detoxify your body through a tabata style workout and plenty of lemon water. This citrus water can help to eliminate the toxins and you will even feel lighter and healthier. So get sipping and exercising!


Bundle up

As grandma probably always lectured you, bundle up for your health. If your immune system is low, the last thing you want to do is invite sickness by getting a chill. So wear your warm clothing.


Get to Bed Earlier

Get to bed earlier this evening and sleep off the oncoming sickness. Adequate sleep is 7-9 hours but I recommend aiming for the high side of your goal to ensure you are warding off sickness and as a result you will feel at your best. Sleep away the sickness!

So follow these simple and ultra-effective tips to ward off sickness and live the healthy, happy life you deserve!

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Sos so trues drink water and look after yourself


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