Natural Ways to Soothe PMS Mood Swings when Medicine Just Isn't Your Thing ...


Natural Ways to Soothe PMS Mood Swings when Medicine Just Isn't Your Thing ...
Natural Ways to Soothe PMS Mood Swings when Medicine Just Isn't Your Thing ...

Believe it or not, there are natural ways to control your PMS mood swings. I know when my periods are due, my mood swings can cause havoc on my daily routine. It is exhausting dealing with the constant roller coaster of hormonal mood swings; feeling angry and irritable one minute, to crying for no reason the next. have compiled some great tips to help control PMS mood swings the natural way. If you’re fed up of taking over the counter medicines and want an all-natural approach to controlling your mood swings, check out the tips below. I’m sure you will find them helpful.

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Maintain Blood Sugar Balance

food, dish, fruit, produce, plant, Whether or not you've ever been diagnosed with hypoglycemia or blood sugar problems, your blood sugar and mood go up and down together. Hormonal fluctuations occur naturally in all women before their period, but they are usually much more severe in women with PMS. By following a PMS Balance Diet for hypoglycemia, you'll bring those blood sugar swings under control, making your mood more stable and calm. You should try to maintain blood sugar balance all month long rather than just before your period. Natural PMS symptom relief is easier to achieve when you take care of yourself throughout the month.


Get Those Essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids

dish, meal, lunch, food, breakfast, Omega-3s help keep your brain healthy, supporting a healthy, stable mood. You should include regular cold-water fish like salmon, halibut and sardines in your diet. There are also omega-3s in flaxseed and walnuts—though these vegetarian sources don't have all the advantages of fish oil. You can also incorporate omega-3s supplements to give you that extra boost.


Cut out Caffeine

human action, human positions, sitting, eating, Caffeine drinks can actually cause mood swings, because caffeine (and sugar) amplifies your blood sugar and hormone swings. When you have that caffeine buzz, you're more likely to become irritated and angry; when the caffeine wears off. Women with PMS are often exquisitely sensitive to caffeine, so even the small amount can make PMS symptoms worse. Coffee, tea, chocolate and so-called energy drinks are the most common sources of caffeine. Try laying off the caffeine for a few months to see how you feel. At the very least, cut back, switch to decaf, or try switching to tea or green tea, which has less caffeine and more healthy antioxidants.


Avoid Alcohol before Your Period

clothing, human positions, sitting, hairstyle, spring, Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant, similar to a sedative, and can depress your mood. If you struggle with premenstrual mood swings, PMS depression, alcohol may not be a good fit for you, even if at the time drinking helps you feel less anxious. It is recommend you steer clear of alcohol, or minimize the amount you drink, beginning at ovulation (usually 15 days before your period.)


Cultivate Calmness and Serenity

hair, photograph, clothing, dress, beauty, Practice letting go of feelings (they come and go anyway), by consciously taking deep, slow breaths rather than reacting. Some women count to ten; ask themselves whether this situation will matter to them in a month; or try to imagine themselves in a relaxed setting. These strategies won't succeed in keeping you on an even keel every time: you'll still have occasions where you may react, but with practice you'll notice that you get better at maintaining your composure.


Get Some Exercise

human action, clothing, footwear, muscle, leg, Whether it's simple depression, PMS symptoms, or premenstrual mood swings, you can't go wrong being physically active. It helps relieve your stress, and that results in a more even mood.


Proper Nutritional and Herbal Hormone Balance

human action, person, eating, hairstyle, glasses, Having a balanced diet is imperative for a healthy lifestyle. You can also add herbal hormone balancing supplements to your diet, that will give you that extra boost to help bring about natural PMS relief.

PMS misery isn't always taken seriously enough
by doctors, family and friends. You don't have to suffer in silence and feel like you have no control over your body. Try incorporating these natural relief tips into your daily routine and bring your body and mind back into balance, so you can feel great all month long.

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