5 Ways to Ease a Migraine for Girls Who Suffer ...


5 Ways to Ease a Migraine for Girls Who Suffer ...
5 Ways to Ease a Migraine for Girls Who Suffer ...

If you have ever experienced a migraine, you know that there is almost nothing you wouldn’t try to make it stop. But what are the best ways to ease a migraine? I have heard and done some crazy things in an attempt to make my world aright. I have migraines triggered by environment and stress. With that being said, some of the things that typically are supposed to be triggers, help me. Play with these ideas, individually or couple them together. Without further ado, let’s ease that pain with these ways to ease a migraine.

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Yoga has so many health benefits. It creates flexibility, increases blood flow, and (drum roll) it can ease migraine pain. There is a series of yoga poses that you can do that will alleviate that agony residing in your head. I like the website, mindbodygreen.com as it shows the poses and gives you great written instructions to follow. Once you do these enough you will not need the instructions, but this is a great site to get you going. Yoga is one of my favorite ways to ease a migraine.


Coconut Oil and Peanut Butter

Everyone loves coconut oil. You can use it for everything. Migraine sufferers, ta-da, you can use it for your head as well. Take a spoonful of coconut oil and mix it in with a spoonful of peanut butter. You can stir it together as is, or you can do what I do - I microwave it a few seconds so it melts together. Stir it up and nibble away. I sometimes eat it straight off the spoon. You can also nibble it up with a Ritz cracker. It will take the edge off for sure.


Perfectly Posh Purifier

If you have never heard of Perfectly Posh, I will give you a moment to go Google and peruse. I have my own personal dealer, and I am addicted. One thing I adore is this Purifier stick. It gets rubbed over your forehead and pulse points. Peppermint oil helps to ease that pain in a natural way. Plus it smells amazing, so you get the lovely aroma as you heal.


Belle Sante’

I do my best to support local businesses. I stumbled upon Belle Sante’ at an expo and not only did I just love her products, her muse, her adorable little girl, won me over so quickly. Belle Sante’ has a muscle rub that I love to use. I take a small amount and run it down the artery in my neck and any other pulse points. I use this one when I feel the beginnings of a migraine becasue it usually helps to take the edge off right away. The ingredients help with blood flow and tissue health. It's wonderful! If the muscle rub isn’t for you, and you like a nice hot bath for your head, she has some amazing bath bombs as well.



I know, I know! It is supposed to be a no-no. However, nothing about me personally ever goes with what is supposed to be the way to handle things. When I am really having a difficult time, I go to either the highest caffeine content coffee or soda I can find. I will also take a caffeine pill such as Jet Alert. Sometimes, having that extra caffeine in the system alleviates the pain more quickly than anything else.

Everyone is different, and everyone experiences the pain differently. Make sure you try a variety of things to see what is going to work the best for you. There are days I only use one of these, and days I use all of them. It just depends on the severity. Good luck!

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A daith piercing helps a lot

Keep away from bright lights switch off the tv and close the curtains. It helps to get the room dark for abit

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