11 Lifesaving Tips to Help You Survive a Hangover ...


11 Lifesaving Tips to Help You Survive a Hangover ...
11 Lifesaving Tips to Help You Survive a Hangover ...

So you're looking for tips to survive a hangover? Well done! Those extra shots of tequila may have seemed like a great idea at the time, but it’s now the next morning and your head is killing you. At least you had a good night, but what can you do now? Here are some tips to survive a hangover.

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Drink Water

You’re dehydrated and you’ve got dry mouth. Hopefully, your drunken self left a glass of water by the bedside. Drink up to restore that balance. Drinking plenty of water is one of the best tips to survive a hangover.


Have a Big Breakfast

You probably feel sick and queasy, but eating a hearty breakfast will help. Eggs are particularly good at this, as they’re packed with protein and cysteine, which can help mop out toxins in your body.


Take Some anti-inflammatory Painkillers

Different painkillers work through different pathways, but anti-inflammatory ones like ibuprofen are particularly awesome. As long as you know you can safely have painkillers, pop an ibuprofen to help your body heal.


Replace Those Electrolytes

Drink sports drinks, eat something reasonably nutritious or take a multivitamin. You need to restore vitamins and minerals to your poor, aching body before you’ll start to feel better.


Avoid Supposed ‘hangover Cures’

Sadly, most hangover ‘cures’ have little to no evidence actually backing them up. Any pills, oils or potions that claim to magically cure hangovers are probably lying. Save your money. Yes, this goes for ‘all-natural detox teas’ as well.


Do Not Drink More

Hair of the dog can be tempting, but it is not going to help. All you’re doing is continuing the cycle and making your symptoms worse. Don’t bother – give your body time to recover.


Block out Light

Light-sensitivity is a common symptom of a hangover. Blocking it out, with heavy curtains or a sleeping mask, will alleviate your discomfort and help you get more sleep.


Approach Caffeine with Caution

Yes, caffeine can help reduce the grogginess and may even feel necessary if you have to work. But it’s more likely to make you pee more and make your symptoms worse. Skip the coffee. Have more water.


Keep the Volume down

Not only will peace and quiet help lessen your pounding headache, but you’ll hopefully get more sleep. Pop in the earplugs and turn your phone onto mute.



While its uncertain whether a shower will lessen your hangover, it may help you wake up and at least you won’t feel dirty. A positive mental attitude works wonders.


Rest up

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Your body needs time to rest and recover. Get some sleep. You’ll feel better after a nap.

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