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Aromatherapy for Common Ailments for a Natural Approach ...

By Megan

I'm here to share some aromatherapy for common ailments with you. If you think about it, nature has everything that we need in order to make us feel better and sustain us. Aromatherapy is a powerful tool that we can use to make ourselves better. However, being a powerful tool, it also has the potential to cause serious damage. This is why before trying any essential oil, goat soap that contains any of the essential oils named, rubs, or any style of aromatherapy that you are using that you speak to a licensed aromatherapist from the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and your personal pharmacist to make sure none of your medications and current and past medical history would cause a dangerous reaction.

Also, please note if you are pregnant or might be pregnant (and if you’ve had sex then you could be pregnant unless your male partner is sterile, even if your tubes are tied because it has happened) you will need to mention this. Some aromatherapy products are completely off-limits during pregnancy. In this article, the name such as lemon is used. This can be lemon essential oil, lemon body wash, or another form of lemon. There are often many different aromatherapy products to use to alleviate a single symptom. Here, to make it simple, typically just one or two are named. A member of the National Association for Holistic Therapy will also inform you how much of each you need depending on the severity of your symptoms and your height and weight.

Here is some aromatherapy for common ailments for various nineteen common ailments. Do not use any of these if you are allergic.

1 Sinus Infection

Use peppermint.

2 A Cough

Use oregano.

3 Upset Stomach

Use peppermint.

4 Depression

Use lemon.

5 Anxiety

Use thyme and lavender.

6 Sleep

Use cedarwood and lavender, either separate or together.

7 Migraines

Use basil.

8 Head Pain

Use sweet marjoram.

9 Menstrual Cramps

Use orange.

10 Menopause Problems

Depending on what specifically your problem is, use oregano, geranium, or clary sage.

11 Hair Loss

Use rosemary.

12 Circulatory Problems

Use rosemary.

13 Motion Sickness

Use cardamom.

14 Love Life

Use sandalwood.

15 Nausea

Use cloves.

16 Mouth Pain

Use cloves.

17 Eczema

Use chamomile.

18 Mosquito Repellant

Use geranium.

19 Bronchitis

You will need a combination of many things. How much and when you use it (morning or night) so be sure to write down the instructions for this one after speaking to a licensed aromatherapist. Eucalyptus, basil, thyme, black pepper, rosemary and more will be needed. You’re probably better to just use westernized medicine as it’ll be much cheaper, but the choice is up to you.

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