7 Herbs That Are Used in Home Remedies ...


7 Herbs That Are Used in Home Remedies ...
7 Herbs That Are Used in Home Remedies ...

I love trying out all sorts of herbs used in home remedies to see if they help cure what ails me. I’m all for modern medicine, but for slight injuries and mild illness I love to try out new things. Here I will list some common herbs used in home remedies of all sorts ranging from acne to the flu!

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Catnip That’s right, Catnip is one of the amazing herbs used in home remedies! Many of us use it to make our cats act crazy, but it has the opposite effect on humans, calming us and helping us fall asleep without feeling exhausted the next day. If you have a cold or the flu, make yourself a cup of catnip tea to help ease symptoms!



Chicory Chicory can be used as a coffee substitute, but it is phenomenal for digestion and helps reduce uric acid build up and excess water. It is great for easing gout and rheumatism and is also used to increase liver and heart function. Many of the Weight Watchers snacks that contain chocolate also contain chicory root and it tastes great!



Garlic It would probably be easier to give you a list of things Garlic ISN’T used for; this stuff can help you out in nearly every instance! It can help lower cholesterol and blood sugar but it can also fight bacteria found in the mouth if you make a simple rinse out of it. The antioxidants that abound in delicious garlic, as well as the antimicrobial properties make garlic an ESSENTIAL item to have around your house!



Rosemary Rosemary is an amazing insect repellent, which is something great to remember if you should catch yourself without bug spray at any time. I know that I always have rosemary in my kitchen for the quick fix I always need because I am a mosquito magnet! Rosemary essential oil is also terrific for making hair shiny and healthy, so add a few drops to your shampoo!


Dandelion Root

Dandelion Root All parts of the dandelion can be used for herbal medicine, which leaves no parts left as waste. Dandelions boost memory, mental performance, liver function and helps greatly with skin bacteria. Dandelion root detoxifies the body without being overly harsh, and also helps stabilize blood sugar in diabetics.


Bay Laurel

Bay Laurel Bay Laurel is perfect for most of your aches and pains. If you have a painful bruise, a sprain, or even a backache, arthritis pain and migraine headaches, you really need to look into using bay laurel as an herbal compress. The essential oil has a heating property that warms your skin and eases your pain naturally.



Vervain Sorry, my fellow Vampire Diaries fans, vervain does NOT weaken vampires, but it does have it’s uses! Vervain is a natural tranquilizer as it has a calming and relaxing property. It has also been known to ease the symptoms of depression. So if you are feeling down and have trouble sleeping, this may be the herb for you!

Before taking or making any herbal remedies for yourself or a loved one, make sure you do a bit of research online. Some cannot be taken while pregnant; some cannot be given to children. As with any medicine, you need to be careful and watch for side effects. What herbal remedies do you use?

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