7 Natural Ways to Relieve Your Headache and Become Pain-free ...


7 Natural Ways to Relieve Your Headache and Become Pain-free ...
7 Natural Ways to Relieve Your Headache and Become Pain-free ...

There are many natural ways to relieve your headache, if you ever get one. You don’t have to suffer through your headache, and you don’t have to take any pills either. These natural ways to relieve your headache will get rid of your pain safely and effectively. I will give you specific ways to get rid of certain headaches (because each one has a different cause) such as sinus and tension headaches.

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Essential Oils

Essential oils are one of the best natural ways to relieve your headache. That is because their aromas and application can help relieve multiple types of headaches. For example, lavender essential oil is good for headaches due to stress and tension. For all of these, you can either smell them for a bit or apply them to your temples and gently massage. Other good and helpful oils include peppermint (which can clear your sinuses for sinus headaches; it is also good for any headache though), panaway, and eucalyptus essential oils.



If your headache is due to stress or tension, doing yoga will definitely help. Also, if your headache is caused by neck pain, this is the best way to get rid of it. Certain yoga poses are good for different headache causes. For example, cat pose and standing forward bends are good for relieving neck pain. To get into cat pose, go onto your hands and knees. Slowly alternate curving your back up, bringing your chin to your chest curving your spine in the opposite direction and bringing your neck towards your back. To perform a standing forward bend, stand with your legs straight and bend forward at your hips, relaxing your neck as much as possible. Any other pose will be good for relaxing your body, just make sure you breathe deeply.



Sipping tea is a great way to reduce your stress levels. This is so important if your headache is due to stress or tension. Drinking specific types of tea can help with different headaches. Peppermint tea can help relieve sinus headaches by clearing your nasal passages. Chamomile or a tea containing Valerian root are good options if you have a tension headache. Ginger tea has been shown to reduce inflammation and get rid of migraines as well. If you think tea tastes bland and boring, I highly recommend trying the Yogi Tea brand. I love the taste of every single one of their products and they are very high in quality as well.


Hot and Cold Treatment

Applying a heating pad or ice pack can help with your headache, depending on the cause. If you have a tension headache, heat would be a better idea because it will relax your muscles instead of constricting them. Taking a warm bath or shower will help relieve your stress and is a good way to apply heat. You could also put a heated neck pillow around your neck (that you microwave to heat up) if you are having a headache from neck pain. Putting an ice pack on your head can also help with migraines, as it reduces the inflammation that may be causing it.


Get outside

Just sitting outside or going for a walk in the park can help with your headache. That is, as long as your headache isn’t due to sinus pressure from allergies or you have a migraine. If you notice that your headaches mainly occur when you are at home, this is something to think about. The air quality in your home may be less than that of outside, so getting some fresh air can help. Breathing quality air and getting outside can help relieve stress from tension headaches, and can get you away from indoor allergens if that is the cause.



You may not feel like exercising when you have a headache, but it really does help. Even if you have a migraine, doing a little exercise inside away from outside light can help. Walking, running, biking, doing a workout video, or anything that will get you active is the way to go. It will help you relieve stress, tension, and will improve your circulation (poor circulation can cause headaches as well). However, make sure you stay hydrated! This is so important so that you don’t make your headache worse, as dehydration can cause headaches by itself.


Drink More Water

Most people do not drink enough water. This is a huge problem, especially if you suffer from headaches! Dehydration has actually been shown to cause migraines and other headaches. Even if you drink a lot of water, you still may be dehydrated from drinking coffee and soda, which only dehydrate you more. Also, you may not know that poor circulation can cause headaches. It’s true, and drinking more water will help you increase circulation throughout your body.

You don’t have to suffer through your headache anymore. If you have chronic headaches, hopefully these options will help so you don’t have to take any unhealthy drugs. Even if you don’t suffer from chronic headaches, these remedies will help with the occasional occurrence as well. What natural remedies have you found to relieve your headaches?

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Also try steam inhalation. Works wonders! Tried and tested. :)

I pretty much don't agree with the tea part , but the rest I will agree

Thanks will surely try

A small cup of joe always seems to work for me.

I'm so lucky to have found this been having a headache and doesn't seems to go away :/ gonna give these a shot... Thank you so much

Peppermint oil is the best for headaches, inhale 3 times & rub a little bit on your temples !!! Headaches will be gone!!

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