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9 Herbal Teas the Next Time You Catch a Cold or Just Feel a Little Blue ...

By Heather

I have to tell you, I have such a constant collection of herbal teas, I’ve considered calling myself a junkie! Herbal teas fix just about anything in my book. They are wonderful for so many things, and most people don’t even know that herbs, spices, flowers and roots that herbal teas are made of contain more antioxidants than most veggies out there. Each different tea is great for different ailments. Some herbal teas aid the immune system, others enhance digestion, many calm the stomach, others ease stress and anxiety, a great deal of them help relieve a headache, and some can even help you get rid of joint pain, or help you sleep. Check out my favorite herbal teas for just about anything. Next time you catch a cold, or just need a little lift to your spirits, make a pot of tea, or even just a cup!

1 Ginger Tea

Ginger TeaGinger tea is one of my all time favorite herbal teas. Rich in digestive enzymes that help the body process and digest food, it also quells inflammation and reduces joint pain. You can buy ginger tea at the store, or just make your own by steeping ginger root in hot boiling water for about 5 minutes. Add a squeeze of lemon and some stevia or honey to taste.

2 Goji Tea

Goji TeaDo you like goji berries? Then try goji tea! Goji tea is one of the most popular teas right now, and with good reason. It is great to drink for immunity, fatigue, stress and to help wake you up. It also contains loads of Vitamin C, magnesium and has a pleasantly tart taste, which is nice. Steep about 1 tsp. of goji berries in boiling water with some lemon juice or by itself for about 3 minutes. Or, you can buy goji tea bags online or in some health food stores.


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3 Green Tea

Green tea is just amazing, isn’t it? I swear, if I’m feeling blue or sick, I drink some green tea and feel like a new woman! I prefer organic brands of green tea, and like to drink decaf at night since it contains a bit of caffeine. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and is now being found to even enhance digestion and decrease the amount of time a person is sick.

4 Yerba Mate Tea

Yerba Mate TeaIf you’re not into coffee, give this amazing tea a try. Yerba Mate tea originates in South America and is wonderful for relieving inflammation, enhancing and aiding digestion, and is rich in antioxidants, even more than green tea. You can brew it loose or steep the bags, but still get the benefits however you make it. I recommend buying organic and fair-trade if you can, for the best quality.

5 Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green TeaTake standard green tea and multiply it by almost 1000. That’s what this ancient Japanese, unrefined form of green tea will give you. Matcha is just amazing and worth every single penny you’ll spend on it. It can be pricey, so I like to use it sparingly, about 1/4 -1/2 tsp. per cup. It is a bright green color because the leaves have never been heated and are shade grown to preserve all the nutrients. You can drink it in boiling water and stir, or even add it to a smoothie. It has a buttery, earthy and slightly sweet taste, and it even tastes great as a latte with some almond milk. Rich in nutrients, this is great to drink anytime you’re sick, depressed or need some balanced energy. The amino acid in green tea, known as L-theanine, is one of the best nourishing amino acids you can drink to relieve stress and give you energy at the same time that won't leave you jittery.

6 Peppermint Tea

Peppermint TeaPeppermint tea is always found in my kitchen. I use it for any stomach ailment I have, and it even makes a great addition to smoothies! Peppermint tea is rich in properties that relieve indigestion, pain, bloating, cramps, and even a headache. Mint is also a natural anti-stress agent, so feel free to make this tea for whatever it is that troubles you, dear. As a bonus, you’ll have great breath too!

7 Lavender Tea

Lavender tea is the ultimate relaxing tea, besides chamomile, which we’ll get to in a minute! Lavender flowers were used in ancient days to relieve headaches, anxiety, bi-polar symptoms, depression symptoms, and insomnia. It is also wonderful for calming the stomach, as a bonus. You can buy it in bag form, or as loose leaf. Loose leaf is a little pricier, but seeing the beautiful flowers in your tea pot while steeping is a nice touch, I’ll admit!

8 Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is amazing! It will soothe the stomach, and chamomile flowers actually smell quite nice too, so it will smell great when brewing. Chamomile can calm your stomach, soothe a headache, aid insomnia, and help relax you. It even seems to help relax my joints when I’m especially tired. You can buy it in bag form, or brew it loose leaf style. Either way, I’m sure it will become a favorite for you too!

9 Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea is my go-to for bad skin, a sour stomach, or to relieve muscle pain after exercise. Rooibos is also known as red bush tea, originating in South Africa from the red bush plant. It is rich in antioxidants, and great for the immune system, but especially helpful for brightening the skin and clearing acne. It is even being linked to better digestion, especially an acidic or sour stomach, since it is fermented and contains probiotics, much like coffee and chocolate. Make some loose leaf rooibos tea for the best flavor. I like a brand that is even scented with real vanilla beans, which smells amazing when you brew it!

I recommend adding a touch of stevia, and even a bit of cinnamon and lemon to your teas for a great flavor. I buy all my teas online from iHerb for the best price, which you can find a link to below. What kinds of herbal teas and flavors do you enjoy?


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