9 Herbal Teas the Next Time You Catch a Cold or Just Feel a Little Blue ...

I have to tell you, I have such a constant collection of herbal teas, I’ve considered calling myself a junkie! Herbal teas fix just about anything in my book. They are wonderful for so many things, and most people don’t even know that herbs, spices, flowers and roots that herbal teas are made of contain more antioxidants than most veggies out there. Each different tea is great for different ailments. Some herbal teas aid the immune system, others enhance digestion, many calm the stomach, others ease stress and anxiety, a great deal of them help relieve a headache, and some can even help you get rid of joint pain, or help you sleep. Check out my favorite herbal teas for just about anything. Next time you catch a cold, or just need a little lift to your spirits, make a pot of tea, or even just a cup!

1. Ginger Tea

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Ginger tea is one of my all time favorite herbal teas. Rich in digestive enzymes that help the body process and digest food, it also quells inflammation and reduces joint pain. You can buy ginger tea at the store, or just make your own by steeping ginger root in hot boiling water for about 5 minutes. Add a squeeze of lemon and some stevia or honey to taste.

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