11 Ways to Reduce Toxins in All Aspects of Your Life ...


11 Ways to Reduce Toxins in All Aspects of Your Life ...
11 Ways to Reduce Toxins in All Aspects of Your Life ...

If you are looking for ways to reduce toxins every which way and how, I have got the best and most effective ways to share with you. The amount of toxins you are exposed to and take into your body depends on your lifestyle but all of us are exposed to harmful substances and chemicals 24/7 in our food, water and air. Our poor bodies – especially our liver, kidneys, lungs, gut and skin – have to work really hard to maintain efficient detox systems, so if these ways to reduce toxins can help before our bodily processes have to kick in and work even harder, then so much the better.

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Avoid Canned Food

Avoid Canned Food Canned food is so convenient but one of the best ways to reduce toxins is to say no to it – even organic canned food. The reason is that cans contain a Persistent Organic Pollutant called BPA (Bisphenol A). Once it has entered your body, the pollutant can stay there for up to 100 years. It also has several detrimental health effects – it can produce free radicals that will reduce the antioxidant reserves of your body. (If you must have canned food, only buy products in BPA free cans.)


Say No to Plastic Water Bottles

Say No to Plastic Water Bottles Whether you're an athlete, or just average Jane (Joe), you know how important it is to stay hydrated and how many of us have bottled water as our go-to source of hydration? Of course, you need water, and you should drink all day long, but you are undoing some of the good of drinking water when you drink bottled, as like cans, bottle plastic contains BPA.


Check Your Makeup Ingredients

Check Your Makeup Ingredients One of the simple ways to reduce chemical use is to pick your beauty items with care. A report showed that women in the U.S. spend an average of $15,000 on makeup during their lifetimes, but most of these women don't pay much attention to the ingredients. Most of these products, including branded items, contain Triclosan and phthalates, which are hormone mimickers and endocrine disruptors.


Utilize Natural Household Cleaners

Utilize Natural Household Cleaners You can make a serious dent in the number of toxins in your life if you switch to all-natural household cleaners. Most synthetic cleaning chemicals produce a certain byproduct, dioxin, which is an immune modulator, endocrine disruptor, and carcinogen that includes an enzyme called Cyp1B1. A scary aspect of this is that the production of this enzyme may trigger the production of 4-hydroxyestrogen, which may lead to the development of breast cancer.


Avoid Silver-Mercury Dental Fillings

Avoid Silver-Mercury Dental Fillings You might not be aware that the accumulation of mercury in the body may have severe consequences. It often leads to the development of neurological and autoimmune problems. It sticks to sulfhydryl groups in Glutathione, which is the master antioxidant of the body. The antioxidant works as a free radical quencher, but mercury accumulation can affect its function. Similarly, mercury plays a big role in depleting selenium and GSH, both of which are important minerals for thyroid health. You should also avoid fish that are known to contain high levels of mercury as well as avoiding amalgam fillings in your teeth.


Get Rid of Excess Fat

Get Rid of Excess Fat One way to live a life free of toxins is to make serious efforts and reduce excess body fat. While it is true that we girls the world over are trying hard to lose weight, it's also a fact that we mostly do it to portray a good body image. A healthy body is super important, but there’s another big reason why we shouldn’t put on too much weight - fat stores toxins. It means that if you have low body fat, the capacity of your body to store toxins will also deplete, which is a good thing. Therefore, it is a good idea to get rid of excessive body fat, especially the Visceral Adipose Tissue (VAT), which becomes a veritable storehouse of stuff not good for our bodies.


Avoid Substance Abuse

Avoid Substance Abuse It's not easy to overcome an addiction. Today, our society is fighting hard to cut the use of drugs, alcohol, and other, albeit less harmful, stimulants like caffeine. To live a chemical-free life, it is important to stop all forms of substance abuse.


Stop Eating Toxic and Genetically Modified Food

Stop Eating Toxic and Genetically Modified Food You will be able to reduce your toxin exposure by paying attention to what you eat. It is a good idea to first reduce the intake of toxic, genetically modified, and pesticide-laden food, and then stop its use altogether. Instead, consume more onions, grapefruit, garlic, cilantro, cruciferous veggies, and other stuff that really helps your liver play its detoxification role efficiently and effectively.


Use Pharmaceutical Drugs with Care

Use Pharmaceutical Drugs with Care Overuse of prescription medications and over the counter drugs affect your body's ability to detoxify, which is why it is important to discuss it all with your physician. You should also know the side effects before using any pharmaceutical drugs.


Reduce Your Stress Levels

Reduce Your Stress Levels To help detoxify your body, you need to reduce your stress level. Remember, stress is toxic, and your body is in no position to differentiate between physical and emotional stress. With the elevated level of stress hormone cortisol, there will be more chances of you dealing with certain chronic diseases, including diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, and sleep issues. Try meditation and other relaxation techniques to reduce stress, which will ultimately reduce toxins.


Get Active

Get Active One of the most important ways to get rid of toxins is by keeping yourself active. The more you move, the easier it becomes for your body to mobilize toxins. You should exercise regularly, as it allows you to release toxins through skin.

Even if you adopt just some of these ways to reduce toxins you’ll be doing yourself and your body a favor. It’s hard to make wholesale lifestyle changes so you could adopt these ways gradually. Do you give much thought to the toxins you are exposed to?

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Not sure I agree with the gm point but the rest are great

Lady Gaga Great article though!

Great article & excellent points. Thank you. I want to get rid of all my canned foods now!!

Just because a good is genetically modified, doesn't mean it's toxic or bad for you. Some foods are better organic, but more often than people think the only difference is the price.

Great post thank you, more people need this information

The level of mercury in amalgam fillings is very little and really poses no health risks. Most dentists don't even use amalgam anymore and if you do happen to have old silver fillings there's no need to worry unless they're beginning to breakdown and leak which can lead to recurrent decay and cracks in the tooth!

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