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Wondering about the best ways to beat Christmas bloat this year? You aren’t the only one. Bloat is one of those conditions that most people suffer from, but hardly anyone talks about. It’s a lot more common during the winter months, too – when the cold days draw in, we all reach for the comfort food! If you still want to dazzle during the winter months, though, here are some great ways to beat Christmas bloat.

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Drink More…

Drink More… Most bloat is caused by water retention – so drinking more is one of the best ways to beat Christmas bloat. The body retains water when it feels dehydrated, so if you drink more, you’ll convince your body to ditch its reserves and redress the balance. You’ll also feel much healthier – dehydration can be the cause of a range of symptoms, including headaches and wooziness.


Put Your Feet up…

Put Your Feet up… Literally. Lying down with your legs above hip height will help with drainage, and make your legs and feet look much better. Taking frequent rests will prevent bloating build up in the legs, and raising the end of your bed can be a good solution if it’s a common problem for you. If it happens regularly, though, or if it’s never happened before, speak to your doctor first.


Ditch Salt…

Salt leads to water retention, which leads to that unattractive bloating. The answer? Ditch the salt. There are low-salt versions of most things now, and you can avoid adding salt to most recipes. Just make sure that you check the products you wouldn’t expect to find salt in, too – pasta sauces and soups, for example, can contain a shocking amount of salt.


Drink Less…

If you are feeling bloated, avoid alcohol. Similarly to salt, alcohol encourages the body to hold onto water, which causes bloating. Limit your alcohol intake in general, and don’t binge drink, which leads to severe bloating. Ensure you have a few alcohol free days each week, too. That’s good for your body and organs in general, as well as being key to fighting the bloat.


Eat Meat…

Yep, you don’t need to feel quite so terrible about that bacon sandwich. Protein encourages the body to ditch excess fluid, which is why high-protein diets are initially so successful. Mix up your meal planning to have plenty of protein for a while, and you’ll soon see the difference. It doesn’t need to all come from meat, either – any protein source is fine.


Go for a Walk…

It’s really easy to adopt a sedentary lifestyle when it’s wet and cold, but it’s not the best thing to do. Try hitting the gym at least once a week – even on a reduced schedule – or going for a walk wrapped up in a coat and scarf. Exercise will make you feel better, boost your body and fight the bloat. It’ll also help you sleep better. Win.


Grab Some Dandelions…

Need a quick, low effort way to beat the bloat? Hit the shops and find some dandelion tea – it’s usually available in teabag form. Dandelions are a natural diuretic, so your body will lose its excess water and fight the bloat. Make sure you read the packaging, though – drinking too much or too often could be risky. You’ll probably want to be near a toilet for a while, too! Dandelion tea can make you pee frequently.

If you find that you are fighting the bloat all year round, or you start having other symptoms, it could be worth getting checked out by a doctor. If it’s just that common Christmas bloat, these tips will help you keep it under control, and ensure you look your best for all those Christmas parties! Have you got a great bloat tip? Share it with us!

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Water with fresh lemon slices helps too! It is not as strong as dandelion tea, but the effects are the same. Make sure to drink just plain water afterwards though!

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