7 Ways to Fight Pesky Christmas Bloat ...

Wondering about the best ways to beat Christmas bloat this year? You aren’t the only one. Bloat is one of those conditions that most people suffer from, but hardly anyone talks about. It’s a lot more common during the winter months, too – when the cold days draw in, we all reach for the comfort food! If you still want to dazzle during the winter months, though, here are some great ways to beat Christmas bloat.

1. Drink More…

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Most bloat is caused by water retention – so drinking more is one of the best ways to beat Christmas bloat. The body retains water when it feels dehydrated, so if you drink more, you’ll convince your body to ditch its reserves and redress the balance. You’ll also feel much healthier – dehydration can be the cause of a range of symptoms, including headaches and wooziness.

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