9 Ways to Embrace Nature's Healing Powers ...


9 Ways to Embrace Nature's Healing Powers ...
9 Ways to Embrace Nature's Healing Powers ...

The next time you aren’t feeling on top form, forget opening the medicine cabinet and trust in nature’s healing powers instead. Nature has the power to heal you in more ways than you can imagine. From helping assuage a headache to mending a broken heart, Mother Nature knows best and has done so since day dot. I think the modern world has turned in so many different directions and even taken drastic measures to find healing tools, forgetting that the simplest and most powerful are literally, just outside. We are so disconnected from nature that we take it for granted. If you need healing why not reconnect with nature’s healing powers.

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Opt to Eat Only Whole Foods That Are Organic

Nothing is better than nature’s healing powers than what you get from fresh, whole foods—those that have not gone through any type of processing. Eating foods in their natural state is the best for overall health. This means choosing organic foods whenever possible since they are free from pesticides and other chemicals that are often used to help them grow.


Let Water Be Your Solace

One healing power of nature that you might not be aware of is that being next to a large body of water has a tremendous calming effect. Sitting on a beach or near a lake or river, and watching the water ripple while listening to the sounds of the waves has a magical way of making you relax, forget about your troubles and clear your head and perhaps discover a new perspective on something that has been troubling you.


Spend Time with Your Furry Friends

Animals are a great source of comfort, protection and companionship. Many pet owners will agree that after a long stressful day at work, coming home to a furry creature that just wants to play with you, be by your side and earn your unconditional love is very relaxing as well as being very therapeutic.


Take Your Workouts outside

Not only will you reap the benefits from nature and its fresh air from exercising outdoors, but you also get a nice change of scenery that will no doubt motivate you and keep you energized. Being outside lets you escape the confines of the indoor world which most people spend much of their time in each and every day.


Get down and Dirty

You can really get nature’s healing powers by digging into the hobby of gardening. Grow your own fruits and vegetables (organic, of course), plant some flowers or trees, or try your hand at growing your own herbs. Nothing is more rewarding than putting in some hard work and then enjoying the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor.


Soak up Some Sun

While too much sun is not a good thing, getting just a little bit actually has a tremendous benefit. The sun is a great source of Vitamin D in which many people are deficient. Make sure to wear sunscreen if you plan on being out in the sun for a long period of time or if you have very sensitive skin and need protection. Getting a small amount of sun each day is good for you.


Take a Hike through a Rainforest, Reservation or Wooded Area

The benefits from nature are endless when you surround yourself with it. Rainforests, woods and reservations are always full of interesting landscapes and many species of animals. You will get mentally lost in your surroundings as you will be so focused on what you see that you will not even think about what may have been bothering you before you began your outdoor trek.


Enjoy Your Meditation Sessions outside

If you meditate on a regular basis, you may want to try doing it outdoors. The healing power of nature that is all around you combined with your meditation practices will help you find your center and relax. Listening to nothing but birds chirping and bees buzzing is a lot more calming than having a television, radio or other disruptive noise in the background while you are trying to meditate and find your calm.


Go Barefoot

Your feet have many nerve endings so walking around barefoot and feeling everything underneath you is a very unique and healing experience. Think of it as a release of stress—the shoes come off, the stress goes away.

Mother Nature should be one of your BFFs. Do you trust in nature’s healing powers? What are your favorite ways to connect with nature?

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