7 Things You Can do to Get Relief from a UTI until Your Antibiotic Kicks in ...


7 Things You Can do to Get Relief from a UTI until Your Antibiotic Kicks in ...
7 Things You Can do to Get Relief from a UTI until Your Antibiotic Kicks in ...

There are ways to get relief from a UTI while you are waiting for your antibiotic to kick in. Having a UTI is absolutely miserable; I should know, I have had several in my lifetime and am currently dealing with one. You don’t have to suffer while you wait, though. Try the following tips to get relief from a UTI and I believe you will feel better much faster.

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Up Your Water Intake

Dehydration can actually be the cause of a UTI. Your urinary tract system needs an adequate amount of water to work properly. When you get a UTI, drinking more fluids can help to flush the infection out and get your urinary tract system back on track. You should aim to drink a bare minimum of 8 glasses of water a day all the time, and a little more when you have a UTI. Upping your water intake will help you to get relief from a UTI.


Request Utira or Pyridium

Ladies, Utira and Pyridium are miracle drugs for a UTI. They help to numb your urinary tract and cut down on the burning, frequency and urgency that accompany an infection. These are both prescription only medications so you need to call your doctor for a scrip. If you can’t reach your doctor, there is a similar medication called Cystex that you can purchase over the counter. I can’t imagine going through a UTI without one of these medications; trust me, they are that good.


Take a Cranberry Pill

As with all new medications, you should ask your doctor before you begin it. Cranberry pills help promote urinary tract system health. They help to prevent UTIs and can also help you to have relief a little faster when you have an active infection. They are available over the counter and you can purchase them at almost any drugstore. Taking a cranberry pill is better than trying to swallow sour cranberry juice.


Use a Heating Pad for Back Pain

Using a heating pad can greatly help you to alleviate the back pain that accompanies a UTI. It kind of dulls the pain so that it isn’t quite so bad. A heating pad can be wonderful but be careful not to use it on too hot of a setting or while sleeping. It seems to work better for me when I use it for a little while and then take a break from it, rather than using it continuously. This won’t help heal the infection, but it will help you get relief from a UTI.


Apply Cold Compresses

Okay, ladies. If you have had a UTI, you know the burning, searing pain that occurs when you have to pee. Sometimes that pain even lasts after you are done peeing. I have found that applying a cold compress to that area for even a few minutes can help relief that terrible pain. The best time to do this is at bedtime when it can be your little secret.


Abstain from Coffee, Tea & Sodas

These drinks are very bad for your urinary tract system. The caffeine in them is hard on your system, as is the carbonation. Try to stick to water for your beverages. There are so many brands of bottled water these days that everyone can find a favorite they enjoy. Adding a slice of lemon can punch up the flavor of water for you.


Avoid Sex for a Few Days

I know, I know, this one is no fun, but sex is very irritating when you have a bladder infection. In fact, the act of having sex can actually cause a UTI. It is not unusual for a woman to contract a bladder infection after intercourse that has occurred for the first time in a long time or after an act of intercourse that is a little more lengthy or passionate than usual. Physicians call this Honeymoon Cystitis which is actually just a fancy term for a UTI that occurs due to sex. It is wise to avoid sex until you have finished your antibiotic, or at least until your symptoms are better.

What about you? Have you found other things that help you to deal with a UTI while waiting for your antibiotic to kick in? Let’s help each other out here!

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Urinary track infection.


Another trick is drinking Alka-Seltzer

Urinary TRACT infection

Ooooo !I was gonna ask the same question as kim did.

What's UTI?

Yum - Cranberry! Any Barley Water drinks also work well against UTI

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