7 Practical Tips to Deal with Headaches ...


7 Practical Tips to Deal with Headaches ...
7 Practical Tips to Deal with Headaches ...

Headaches are awful, and unfortunately they donโ€™t spare anyone. It could be throbbing heaviness when you wake up with a hangover, or a sharp migraine when you are overloaded with worries. At times, a headache might strike for no apparent reason. Whatever the cause, the next time your top end is under attack, use these practical tips to deal with headaches.
Tip 1: During a hormonal imbalance
Many of us experience migraines just before our periods begin, and that is because of the dip in estrogen levels during that time. Hormonal imbalances can also cause headaches during menopause and perimenopause, and pregnancy. If you know that you get a headache around the time when your periods begin, take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) such as ibuprofen or naproxen two days before you expect the bleeding to start. If your headaches are pregnancy-related, consult a doctor before you take any pain relief drug.
Tip 2: When youโ€™re stressed
It is no surprise that nearly 80% of all migraines are caused by stress, the flip side of having as active a mind as humans do. With all the worry accumulated up there, you disrupt your hormonal balance and tense up your neck and jaw muscles. The result is a headache. One of the most practical tips to deal with headaches caused by stress is relaxation. Any form of active relaxation, ranging from a relaxing massage to meditation, yoga or just plain deep breathing will ease your stress and headache.
Tip 3: When poor sleep is the culprit
If you havenโ€™t been sleeping well lately, chances are that you are grappling with low levels of serotonin, a vital hormone, and consequently, frequent migraines. To counter the problem, try to establish a consistent sleeping pattern. In other words, wake up and sleep at roughly the same time everyday. Also, try to get in regular exercise and reduce your caffeine intake.
Tip 4: Headaches caused by changing weather
When the heat is on outside, a migraine attack is never too far. However, once again, some practical tips to deal with headaches come in handy here. If you know you are at risk, try to keep yourself as cool and relaxed as possible on hot days, and carry an NSAID with you for good measure.
Tip 5: Blame it on bad cologne
Most of us are bothered by certain smells, and the norm applies to commercially manufactured โ€˜fragrancesโ€™ too. Certain scented products or perfumes may even trigger off a headache. If you know that you are irritated by strong fragrances, avoid buying scented products and soaps, and even lingering at places hat bother your nostrils.
Tip 6: When your Eating Habits are the Problem
Poor eating habits can cause headaches, and this is something most people donโ€™t realize. Skipping meals is one of the worst culprits. Also, if you are constantly having foods rich in nitrates (cold cuts, processed meats and hot dogs), or those rich in the amino acid tyramine (aged cheeses and red wine) and phenylalanine (chocolate), migraines are never too far. So, simply watch what you eat, and migraines may just become a thing of the past!
Tip 7: The trouble with bright light
A lot of people are aware of the fact that bright lights and those that emanate a glare (your computer screen) can cause headaches. There are practical tips to deal with these headaches, though. You can easily place a non-glare screen on your computer and use softer incandescent bulbs rather than fluorescent lights.

Ultimately, no matter what you do, you may still get a headache at some time or the other, and it may even be hard to predict its cause. But then, we all have to learn how to cope with a little bit of trouble. What these practical tips to deal with headaches will ensure is that migraines donโ€™t become a constant feature in your life, disrupting your work and calmness. What helps you when a headache strikes?

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