7 Ways to Quickly Treat Diaper Rash ...


7 Ways to Quickly Treat Diaper Rash ...
7 Ways to Quickly Treat Diaper Rash ...

Most babies at some point in their lives experience some form of diaper rash. It could be caused due to a variety of reasons ranging from food allergies to a wet diaper being allowed to remain on the skin for an extended period. Babies have extremely sensitive skin, so diaper rashes are fairly common. Here are 7 ways to treat the condition if you are facing it for the first time.

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Wash the Area

The first step is to wash the area gently. It is good to just use warm water and no other soap or cleaning agent. The water is sufficient to take away all the harmful bacteria and soothe the baby’s sensitive skin during this time of irritation. To make it simple, keep a plastic bottle of warm water with a spout at the end and squeeze it over the affected area.


Air the Area

Once the area is cleaned, take steps to gently dry it. You can use a fresh cloth, something that could not have caused the rash in the first place. Once the area is completely dry, try leaving the baby without a diaper for some time. You can place a water proof pad under the baby to avoid any mess but this really helps the skin to heal from whatever caused the irritation.


Apply Diaper Rash Cream

After a while, when you feel that your baby’s bottom has received sufficient air, apply a good quality diaper rash cream. Desitin and A&D are the most well-known and respected products in the market. They are available in the cream and ointment form and each have their pros and cons. Apply it sparingly as you don’t want to cause another reaction.


Frequently Change the Diaper

The next step is to frequently change the diaper, much more frequently than you would if there was no rash. This ensures that the baby’s bottom is kept free from any harmful agents like bacteria in the urine or any other dampness. It might be a good idea to switch to disposal diapers if you are using cloth as these absorb the expulsions comprehensively.


Switch to Baby Friendly Detergents

Sometimes the soap residues remaining on the baby articles after a wash is what causes the irritation. If you are using regular detergent, consider switching to a baby friendly one for some time, at least until the problem sorts itself out. This could help avoid further irritation.

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Avoid Using Wipes

While the baby is feeling uncomfortable, it is a good idea to avoid using any kind of wipes to clean the area. Warm water with minimal soap is best for your baby at this stage. Wipes may only increase the problem.


Investigate the Cause

Finally while you are treating the problem, you should also take steps to investigate the cause. Otherwise the problem will keep recurring. Is the rash due to a new food item you have introduced? Or is it caused by a new product you are using? Try and figure out what has changed.

Diaper rashes are easy enough to sort out. There is no cause for concern since it happens to almost all little babies. The tips provided above should help you get through this hurdle.

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