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7 Ingenious Exercises That Could Help Those Horribly Painful Period Cramps ...

By Lyndsie

Exercises for Cramps are so helpful when you're on your period, even when you're on PMS. The days leading up to menstruation are so stressful and frustrating. They're painful, they make you feel worn out and wrung dry, and most women are eager for a way to make them feel better. Exercises for cramps do just that, and there are quite of few of them that can benefit your body. It's so important to stay active when you're having your period, and these exercises for cramps can really help those painful days.

1 The Forward Bend

Various bending maneuvers, like the forward bend, are great exercises for cramps. All you have to do is stand up with your feet placed together and your arms hanging at your sides. Then, with your feet firmly planted, inhale deeply and stretch your arms up high. As you breathe out, bring your arms out to the sides of your body and let your hips hinge forward so that your hands end up touching the floor. If you can't reach, just bend your knees. Hold this pose for about a minute.

2 Relaxing Your Muscles

While this might not seem much like an exercise, it's still incredibly helpful. It involves simply staying relaxed, because you tend to tense your muscles when you're in pain, and that can make things worse. Focus on one part of your body – your arms, your abdomen, your legs, et cetera – and tense and release those muscles. That will also make your breathing easier, improve your heart beat, and increase your circulation.

3 The Head-to-Knee Bend

This is one of the most soothing exercises for cramps, especially if you find relief by curling up in bed. You need to sit down and extend your legs, then bend your right knee so that your foot is against your upper thigh on the left side. Breathe in deeply and lift your arms over your head, then exhale, lean forward over your extended leg, and let your forehead rest on it. Keep that pose for half a minute, inhale as you straighten up, and then do the same with your opposite side.

4 Yoga

All forms of yoga can make your cramps feel better, although hot yoga isn't normally recommended. The poses that feel the best for you may vary, so just try to see what works best for your cramps. Don't overdo it, but do make sure that you're improving your circulation.

5 Walking

Some of the best exercises for cramps are also the simplest. Just going for a walk can help ease your cramps. One of the worst things you can do while you're on your period is remain sedentary, especially in a seated position. Being active is crucial, and walking is a wonderful, low impact exercise.

6 Aerobics

This is probably one of the most surprising exercises for cramps because it involves so much activity. Aerobic exercises are extremely helpful, though – even if you need to keep it low impact. You might go swimming, attend an aerobic dancing class, or even do some kick boxing. Whatever you choose, it's sure to help with your pain.

7 The Resting Stretch

For this exercise, you need to lie down flat on the ground, on your back. Gradually lift both legs high in the air, so that they're perpendicular with the floor. Hold that pose for about thirty seconds and slowly resume your original position. This just helps keep blood flowing properly, and also eases abdominal cramps.

Exercises for cramps help keep you energized and free from tension. That's incredibly important during your time of the month, because it's so common to feel completely fatigued. By doing these exercises for cramps, you can ensure a largely pain free period, leaving you the time and energy to do the really important things in life. Do you have any other exercises for cramps that can be helpful?

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