11 Amazing Uses for Essential Oils That Are Worth a Try ...

By Lisa

11 Amazing Uses for Essential Oils That Are Worth a Try ...

Are you curious about the various uses of essential oils but aren’t sure what you can do with them? I’ve just recently began looking into all the health and beauty uses for essential oils and I’m quite impressed with all they can do. Essential oils are very concentrated liquids that have been extracted from plants, herbs, flowers and even wood and roots. I used to think essential oils were just used to make something smell nice, but there is so much more than meets the eye! Keep reading for 11 amazing uses for essential oils.

1 Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair One of the uses for essential oils that I plan on trying next is to add a few drops of rosemary essential oil to shampoo or conditioner. Rosemary is said to help increase blood circulation in the scalp to help fight hair loss. After doing some digging, I found that rosemary is also good for helping delay the onset of gray hair and promote hair growth.

2 Improve Sleep

Improve Sleep Lavender is well renowned for being calming, but it also helps with improving the quality of your sleep. Lavender is also one of the few essential oils that don’t require it to be diluted before using making it even more helpful! You can apply a few drops of lavender oil to your palms and then apply it to your pillow to help you drift off to a peaceful sleep. Other essential oils that help with sleep and insomnia are clary sage, valerian and neroli.

3 Mental Alertness

Mental Alertness Another one of the truly awesome benefits of essential oils is that it can help give your brain a boost! I don’t know about you, but I can always use a pick-me-up in the afternoon to help me get going again. Peppermint, rosemary, basil, lemon and Roman chamomile are some excellent choices to help with mental clarity. You can dilute any of the aforementioned essential oils with carrier oil and apply it to wrists, neck or forehead or directly inhale it without diluting it.

4 Relieve Headaches

Relieve Headaches Headaches are the last thing we need when we have a ton of stuff to do. Sometimes I’m hesitant to pop a pill to get rid of a headache since it can be taxing on our organs. But, using an essential oil is a simple way to help relieve a headache that’s much safer for our bodies. Lavender, eucalyptus, spearmint and helichrysum are all well regarded to help ease the pain and tension from headaches. Simply mix about 10-15 drops of the essential oil of your choice with about 1 oz. of carrier oil like sweet almond oil in an amber or cobalt bottle. Get a few drops of the mixture and massage on your temples, forehead or the back of your neck.

5 Relieve PMS Symptoms

Relieve PMS Symptoms I think it’s safe to say that PMS is one of the most evil things that happens to a woman. The good thing is, there are plenty of safe ways to help relieve the pain and misery of our monthly visitor. For best results, mixing a few specific essential oils seems to work better than using just one. Check this link for an essential oil recipe from Discovery Fit & Health: health.howstuffworks.com. If you just want to try one or two types of oil, lavender and geranium are good choices that help with headache, cramps and even in helping minimize a heavy flow.

6 Enhance Skin

Enhance Skin Essential oils are often found in skin care products and there’s a good reason why - it works! Lavender, carrot seed, geranium, rose and neroli are just some of the fabulous oils to use to enhance your skin. If you have dry or aging skin, rose essential oil is your best bet. If you seek to calm dry, oily or acne prone skin, geranium and lavender works great. Neroli oil is said to help prevent scarring and combat the formation of stretch marks. Carrot seed oil adds elasticity to skin, soothes eczema and psoriasis and fights wrinkles and age spots.

7 Decrease Symptoms of Colds and Flu

Decrease Symptoms of Colds and Flu Cold and flu season is upon us and what better way to help you feel better when you’re under the weather than taking a warm, relaxing bath? Add around 10 drops of peppermint, eucalyptus or oregano into your bath water and soak away. Peppermint helps with congestion and headaches, while oregano helps with sinus issues, and eucalyptus soothes your respiratory system. If you’re not a bathing beauty, add about 5 drops of the oils to your humidifier.

8 Allergies

Allergies I’m one of those people who suffer from allergies 365 days a year, no breaks in seasons for me! While I certainly appreciate OTC medication and all it does to help with my symptoms, I’m all for finding a safe and natural approach whenever possible. Essential oils like lavender, lemon, peppermint, frankincense and Roman chamomile all help relieve allergy symptoms and are often fast acting. Try diluting one of the essential oils with a carrier oil and applying to your temples, feet or cupping your hands and inhaling the oil. Lavender oil diluted with a carrier oil under the eye area is said to bring fast relief for itchy, watery eyes!

9 Dandruff and Dry Scalp

Dandruff and Dry Scalp Sometimes, the harsh winter weather can cause dry, itchy scalps that is truly annoying. If you have a dry scalp or dandruff, tea tree oil makes an excellent treatment. You can add 10 drops of tea tree oil to every 8 oz. of shampoo, shake it up and lather up. Another option is to directly apply tea tree oil on your scalp before you shampoo, then wash it out.

10 Boost Mood

Boost Mood There are quite a few essential oils that can help enhance mood. If you’re in need of some calming and soothing, try lavender, jasmine or lemon essential oil. Rosemary, peppermint and cinnamon are fantastic at helping stimulate your senses, boost energy and help clear your mind. Keep a bottle of one of these oils at your office desk to inhale whenever you’re stressed or in need of a clear mind.

11 Suppress Appetite

Suppress Appetite I know it might sound strange, but there are select essential oils that have been known to help suppress the appetite. Grapefruit, peppermint, bergamot and orange have been identified as essential oils that help suppress your appetite, soothe digestive issues and help you to have a feeling of satiety. The easiest way to reap the benefits of these oils is to inhale them.

What do you think ladies, will you give essential oils a try? Whenever you try an essential oil that’s new to you, make sure you do a patch test on your skin before you apply it anywhere else. Also, if you’re allergic to certain foods, flowers or plants, it’s no safer using the essential oil so I wouldn’t try it. But, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from so you can still get all the benefits minus the allergic reaction!

Sources: sustainablebabysteps.com, livestrong.com, rawfoodswitch.com, aromaweb.com, care2.com, simplehomemade.net.

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