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Certain smells that boost your mood can be the perfect antidote to a down day. Sure, they aren’t a cure-all but they can help enhance your sense of well being in many ways. Scent can cause a reaction we don’t give enough credit to. Just think about how you feel when you smell the scent of your first love, a loved one that means a lot to you, or something that reminds you of childhood. You instantly become happier. Certain smells that boost your mood can evoke that feeling in you, no matter what your age, with some of the following being the most effective, and the most popular.

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Vanilla Vanilla is one of the oldest and most well-known smells of all that boost your mood. The vanilla bean comes from an orchid plant, and is a known aphrodisiac. It helps fight depression, fatigue, low hormone function, and even anxiety. One can rarely argue that with the smell of a vanilla candle, vanilla ice cream, or a vanilla flavored treat you don’t feel happier. Even better? Sniff a real vanilla bean and see if you don’t get a mood boost. Perfect trick every time!



Lavender Lavender is a well known relaxing flower and it’s used in cooking for this purpose. It’s also used in many bedtime teas, along with in candles, and essential oils. Lavender can help you both rest, or just fight anxiety. Use it anytime of the day you feel stressed and need a mood boost. It’s also found in the delicious French cooking spice, Herbs de Provence (the American version) you can find in stores. Stir this in soups, use it with fish or chicken, or just sprinkle it on a salad or veggies.



Rosemary Rosemary is one of my top favorite scents. It’s commonly used in soups and stews, but also might remind you of the scent of a Christmas tree. Rosemary is a delicious herb as well. It sends a calming sensation to your whole body when you smell it, and also boosts endorphins in the brain. A few fresh leaves are best, but you can also find it in dried form too. Rosemary can also send a sense of love and reminiscence.



Chocolate This one is a given, right? Chocolate is one of those scents that makes everyone feel better. Even better is to smell it while you’re eating some, right? Chocolate is by far the largest aphrodisiacal scent in the world, with vanilla being second. However, chocolate is also a well known scent to fight depression and low energy. Chocolate contains over 200 properties that induce a sense of love, well being, ecstasy, and satiety.


Rose Petals

Rose Petals Rose petals are used in many bath scents or even in cooking. It’s also found in many candles and essential oils. Rose petals are very relaxing and also remind us of the feelings of love. Many people also relate the smell to their mothers and babies for its soft qualities, and its used in many perfumes for this purpose.



Peppermint Peppermint is one of my personal favorite scents of all. It sends not only feelings of happiness to the brain, but also alertness, and satiety. Peppermint can also enhance your mood by helping reduce stress. It is known as a natural digestive aid when used as a tea, but I also like to drink it as a hot tea to quell stress.



Coffee Try walking in a coffee shop and seeing if you don’t get a sense of euphoria. Whether you drink it or not, the coffee bean is a wonderful scent that enhances your mood. It also relieves stress, which is one great benefit to smelling it, even if you don’t tolerate it in beverage form. You can keep a jar of espresso beans in your house and they will ignite your the whole room with that wonderful coffee smell. Or, just opt to brew a pot and get the benefits the easy way!


Cooked Food

Cooked Food The smell of any cooked food that you love almost always induces a sense of well being. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the aroma of a fresh cooked meal is one most all people love, no matter what the actual food is. Even the smells of a restaurant can lift your mood. Since our appetites are linked to dopamine and serotonin production in the brain, food aromas are an easy way to get a mood boost. Even if you don’t end up eating the food, you’ll still feel happier after smelling a batch of homemade pancakes, chocolate cake, cookies, homemade soup, or even a healthy batch of oatmeal. Trust me and try it for yourself!



Coconut Coconut is another scent that I absolutely love. Coconut is rich in scents that boost our dopamine and serotonin levels due to its sweet, buttery smell. The fats in coconut can also boost your mood when you eat them, and the scent provides a natural getaway to a tropical island as a bonus! Coconut is also an aphrodisiac, which makes it great to use as a body lotion, in candle form, or as a body oil.

Scents were always some of my favorite things growing up. There are many out there that evoke feelings of happiness in each of us. What’s yours?

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Lemons and vanilla 👍👍

Loved this!

My fave is 100% coconut!!

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