DIY Foot Soak for a Toxin Free You ...


DIY Foot Soak for a Toxin Free You ...
DIY Foot Soak for a Toxin Free You ...

Ready for a DIY detoxing foot soak? When our body is overloaded we usually try detox waters. If you don't like drinking much water there is another option for you to detoxify your body. And that's through your feet.

We all have a busy lifestyle that really affects our health. Our feet are especially affected. Heavy loads and heels make matters worse. At the end of the day having tired legs is normal but in some cases can be very uncomfortable. Fungal infections, varicose veins, and cracked heels make feet look bad. There are many natural remedies that can help.

A nice and relaxing foot soak is the best way to fight your tiredness after a hard working day. Foot soaks also eliminate the odour.

Here is a great DIY detoxing foot soak.



Choose from the list any 2 or 3 and simply add to a bowl of hot water. Mix well and soak your feet in it for 15 minutes. Rinse with water at the end.


Epsom salts relieve stress. There are a large number of nerves in feet and a foot bath will works directly on them.

It extracts all toxins out of your body and also increases blood circulation to your legs and feet. You can massage your feet after a bath to increase the effect.

If you have high pressure, a warm or cool baking soda bath is an ideal choice for you. Do it every night before bed. You will feel so comfortable.

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