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Ways to Avoid a Yeast Infection ...

By Carly

If there is one thing that all us women can agree on in life, it is that getting a yeast infection is one of the most annoying, irritating and potentially lifestyle altering things that can happen. You were probably thrown a few pamphlets on the subject as part of sex and health education at school, and you will definitely know plenty of friends who have had to deal with one before, in fact, it’s more than likely that you yourself have had to contend with a yeast infection at some point. It’s always a possibility, but it’s a possibility that you can make really unlikely! Here are some great ways to avoid a yeast infection!

1 Wrong Underwear

Cute lacy things might make you feel sexy, but they don’t always make your private parts feel good! Underwear that feels too tight and isn’t very breathable can create the perfect environment for bacteria in the vagina to become imbalanced and develop into a yeast infection. Bust out those granny panties when you aren’t planning anything sexy!

2 Scented Body Products

There is absolutely no need for you to use scented and fragranced body products on your undercarriage. Sometimes the chemicals used in creating these scents can react negatively with the bacteria of your vagina and cause things like irritation and that can throw of pH levels and turn in yeast infection.

3 Antibiotics

Did you know that taking certain antibiotics can kill both the good and bad bacteria in your body? This is particularly important for your vagina, as if there is an imbalance of good and bad, a yeast infection can very quickly arise to cause you trouble.

4 Tight Clothes

Sometimes wearing tight clothes is appropriate, for working out and such, but this shouldn’t be your go to look as just like underwear, your crotch area needs space to breathe. Tight leggings, skinny jeans and garments of that nature are prime examples of clothing can cause a problem is worm 24/7. Air it out, girl!

5 Sanitary Products

You need to make sure that you are changing your tampon frequently enough. It can be tempting to leave it in, especially if you are not leaking, but if you leave a tampon in for too long it can create a moist environment that bacteria love to thrive on. The same thing goes for pads, which also should be changed regularly.

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