8 Herbs to Cure Hangovers Naturally ...


8 Herbs to Cure Hangovers Naturally ...
8 Herbs to Cure Hangovers Naturally ...

Hangovers are literally the worst, but the thing is, as long as you continue to drink and party, you are going to have to contend with them every weekend! Of course, there are plenty of medicinal aids to ease the familiar symptoms of having drunk too much the previous night, but sometimes you don’t always want to pump your body full of pills and liquids, especially if there is a more natural alternative to test out. Here are eight herbs to cure hangovers naturally.

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Basil added to boiling water has the natural effect of being able to stimulate your body’s natural processes for relieving pain, and hangovers definitely cause a little bit of pain here and there! You can sip the water, inhale the steam, or even just chew on basil leaves.



You might have given this to your cat before to them crazy, but the herb can actually be good for us too! It’s a member of the mint family and acts as a mild sedative. It can also treat inflammation in the body as well as reduce anxiety and stress.



We are all aware of the relaxing qualities of chamomile tea, but it can also act an anti-inflammatory and can reduce muscle spasms, which might be able to help with any stomach issues your hangover is causing.



And I’m not talking about having another mojito! Mint contains lots of wonderful antioxidants that can be really effective in helping to reduce the effects of a headache. Mint water will do the double job of hydrating and pain relieving at the same time.



Just smelling lavender is said to have a calming, sedative effect, so ingesting it in some way, water infusion, for example, can help to relax your blood vessels and especially ease the smaller muscles around your eyes.



Rosemary has been known over the generations to be able to significantly reduce pain. You can apply it in oil form directly to your temples for headaches, and you can also inhale a vapour, or use it in a hot tea.



Fennel is a pain reliever that dates all the way back to the Aztecs. It can both cure the symptoms of headaches and also ease digestion, which will definitely help with those feelings of nausea that you wake up with!


Willow Bark

Willow bark was historically used as a natural substitute for aspirin and can be used to relieve the pain caused by things like headaches, stomach cramps, and sore muscles. Those symptoms are pretty much a guide to the worst hangover in the world, so you can really benefit from making a pot of willow tea!

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