How to Detox Simply and Safely ...


How to Detox Simply and Safely ...
How to Detox Simply and Safely ...

Lots of people like to start off the new year with a boost in their health and fitness, and one of the best things to do to clear out all of the indulgence of Christmas is to go on a detox. The problem is, if you jump into a cleanse without doing all the right research and preparation, it can be more harmful than helpful. Putting your body through such a quick drastic change can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing, so here is how to detox simply and safely.

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Avoid Toxins

Well, this first point is pretty obvious right!? The first step to any good cleanse is to eliminate the obvious toxins from your diet such as cigarettes, coffee, alcohol, saturated fats, refined sugars ... all of the things that might feel good to consume, but that put a massive strain on your system.


More Water

It is essential to stay hydrated whilst on a cleanse, so you need to actively increase your water intake. Drink a full tall glass of water with each meal, as well as taking regular sips from a bottle throughout the day. You will find that is clears your system as well suppressing hunger and boosting metabolism.


Eat Right

It’s not about not eating anything at all, it’s about eating the RIGHT things. You know the drill - hearty greens, lots of fibre, lean meats packed with protein. You should be avoiding processed foods at all costs as they are the worst enemy of a detox!



Try to help your body in all ways possible by doing work to ease your emotional state and well as your physical. Take some time to yourself to really try to unwind and relieve some of the pressures of daily modern life. This could be meditation, it could be reading in silence, it could even be binging a favourite show. Everyone has their own definition of self care.


Avoid Environmental Toxins

So you’ve cut out all of the food and substance toxins from your diet, but you also need to be aware of the external toxins in your environment. Try to steer clear of things like second-hand smoke, smog, harsh chemicals, and vehicle exhausts as much as you can.

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Treat yourself to an amazing full body massage. You don’t realise how much tension you are carrying your body until somebody who knows what they are doing can work it out of you!



Get into yoga. It is the perfect combination of exercise and meditation that will help you to both stay fit and maintain the motivation to keep on your detox path. Also, if you break a sweat, you’ll be helping to eliminate even more toxins from your body as part of the larger cleanse!



One of the best ways to prevent stress from brewing is to make sure you get enough sleep every night. The less stressed you are, the more in control of your diet impulses you will be.

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