6 Ways to Detox That do Not Involve Giving Anything up ...


6 Ways to Detox That do Not Involve Giving Anything up ...
6 Ways to Detox That do Not Involve Giving Anything up ...

When you hear the word detox, the first things that come to mind usually involve being miserable because you have to give everything up and pretty much go cold turkey on everything except water and lettuce! Sure, some old fashioned detoxes might have that philosophy in mind, but nowadays there are much more modern and diverse approaches that feel more palatable! Here are six ways to detox that do not involve giving anything up.

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Sleep Detox

This detox involves giving up one thing, and that is fatigue! Be strict with yourself and commit to getting at least seven hours of shut-eye every night. You aren’t missing out on anything apart from staring at your phone for three hours in bed before dropping off, and that will leave you massively refreshed and more ready to take on the day every morning.



Rather than doing anything with your food intake in terms of fasting, instead go the other way and make sure that you drink more and more water. Get into the habit of drinking the recommended eight glasses per day, and you will find that your metabolism experiences a beneficial boost, as well as things like your skin being in better condition and your digestion working at a much better rate.


Fresh Air

Your body can go through lots of signs of detoxing simply by getting out in the great outdoors and sucking on fresh air for extended periods! An extra hour per day outside can improve the quality of the air coming into your body, and can also improve your mood and mental wellbeing in general.


Ignore Fads

Go against the grain and cut one thing out for your detox, and that thing should be the multitude of unhelpful and potentially unhealthy fads! Concentrate on just maintaining a healthy, moderation-based diet rather than cutting out entire foods groups, because these things are sustainable and can’t last. You want to make a total lifestyle change, not just experience a fortnight-long thing.



Don’t underestimate the power of stretching! There are muscles in your body that you don’t really get the chance to utilise on an average day, so getting in to a routine of stretching and special poses can give your body the experience of going through something of a sensory detox without making any many changes. Stretching can provide some real comfort when it comes to distressing and trying to find avenues to rid your body of its daily anxieties.



Find things that make you feel good, and you will be much less likely to want to turn to unhealthy urges like snacking, smoking, drinking etc.! Good books, good movies, good company ... all of these things can be just as much a detox for the body as they already are a detox for the soul, because they can take the place of less productive and positive habits in your life.

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