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4 Alternative Therapies and Treatments for Cancer ...

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More and more Americans these days are in search of alternative options for treating cancer, and it’s not so surprising. The more conventional treatments include things like surgically removing malignant tumors, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. However, awareness is growing regarding the harsher side of the latter to options as well as about these options not always bringing about the outcome that’s desired. Patients need therapies and treatments that work with the body as opposed to poisoning it.


Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) provides a method of optimizing little doses of chemotherapy in order to target cells that are cancerous while also alleviating most of its collateral damage. If you’re considering this, read a few patient testimonials. The way it works is through the lowering of the patient’s blood glucose levels due to using insulin precisely through fasting to that of a controlled version of moderate hypoglycemia. During this state, the cells that are cancerous get hungry and become extraordinarily receptive to any nutrients they can find. The patient will then be given a minute dose of chemo that’s set in a solution of glucose that the cancerous cells will eagerly absorb. Because of this minute dose, there are minimal side effects.

2 Mistletoe Therapy

This one is also known as Iscador. Whether you have lung cancer or some other sort of cancer caused by silica exposure or anything else, this one might be an option for you. It’s quite popular as a treatment for cancer in European countries. This specialized sort of therapy uses an extract of mistletoe that’s been purified in order to kill off cancer cells while simultaneously stimulating the patient’s immune system.

3 Gerson

For those who may never have heard of Gerson therapy, this type of nutritional therapy is called microbiome shifting. It’s aimed toward the revitalization of the healing potential of the body. It removes as much of the toxins accumulated by the body as possible while it also increases the oxygenation of the cells that have been affected by cancer. This protocol includes things like daily coffee enemas, specific supplements, a strict regimen of an alkaline diet, and juicing.

4 Biomagnetic Therapy

Biomagnetism, also called biomagnetic therapy, is a procedure that’s completely noninvasive and has a vast array of things it can be used for. It uses the positive and negative poles of magnets that are placed specifically over various vital organs for specific periods of time. This works to shift the natural pH of the body and restore a semblance of balance to the terrain of the body. This therapy was discovered a few decades ago and it’s said to effectively treat different types of cancer.

The integrative advanced treatments for cancer that you’ve just read about are effective and powerful options for cancer patients. However, in order for the results to be completely optimized, there’s a level of personalization required. Thankfully, there are sophisticated systems available that give medical professionals the ability to tailor these and all cancer treatments and medications to specific patients. They can confidently create highly detailed protocols that are totally unique to each patient. By utilizing advanced scientific principles to identify which treatment will be the most effective for a given patient, the effectiveness of the treatments is increased while the side effects are decreased.

As our collective understanding of human physiology expands in order to include the impact of psycho-emotional issues, environmental interactions, systemic functionality, and even the specific role that our consciousness plays with regard to our health, the ability we have to develop successful treatments that are completely holistic is increased by a dramatic amount.

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