Natural Treatments for Back Pain You're Going to Love ...

Back pain is classified as one of the top most debilitating types of pain affecting the human body. Because of the close proximity of so many major muscle groups to the spine, back pain can seriously affect your ability to perform basic day to day functions.

Chronic back pain sufferers will find that their medical doctor will immediately treat the symptoms with pain and inflammatory reducing medication in order to try and pinpoint the exact causes of the pain itself. But, people who continue to treat only the symptoms, and do not find the root of where the pain is coming from can expect a long relationship with painkillers alternating with painful symptoms in a never ending circle.

1. Prevention is Better than Cure

The old saying of if you look after your body your body will look after you, has never rung more true than when it comes to your back. Looking after your body and your spine will help by making you stronger, therefore being less prone to injuries and back pain.

If you sit behind a computer desk all day, make sure that you have a good chair, one that will look after your spine and lower back as well as your posture. Make sure that you move around a lot, take breaks frequently and do some exercise every single day.

Yoga, Pilates and walking are excellent non-impact exercise forms that will make your body strong without having to put any strain on joints or old injuries. And in the event that you are injured, your body will bounce back quicker, having been stronger in the first place.

Take care when picking up any heavy items – take note of how you bend, where you bend from and what part of your body you are using to stand back up with. If your stomach muscles are not strong enough to support you, you will end up putting extra strain on your lower back and a simple move like picking up a small box or bag of groceries can put your back right out for weeks.