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Here's How to Make Your Period Suck Less ...

By Kenzie

It's no secret that periods, well, suck. I doubt that, throughout all of humanity, there's ever been a single person to think, "Oh, my period, yay!" (Okay, post-pregnancy scare periods aside.) From mood swings to painful cramps and tummy troubles, periods often bring nothing but pain and agony. But, as long as you're prepared, there are plenty of ways to make that time of the month a little less sucky and more bearable. Learn how to make your period suck less by following these six tips.

1 Start Taking Painkillers before Your Period Even Starts

If you suffer from painful cramps, taking painkillers before your period starts can be especially helpful. Taking a painkiller like Advil on the reg for two days before your period begins will decrease the release of prostaglandins—AKA the hormones that make your uterus contract, causing cramps.

2 Buy a Menstrual Cup

If you’re sick and tired of spending a small fortune on pads, tampons, and/or panty liners every month, you might want to think about buying a menstrual cup. You can read more about the benefits of menstrual cups, but the primary ones are that they're economical, convenient, easy to transport, and are environmentally friendly compared to many other options.

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3 Cut out Dairy

Dairy products may increase prostaglandins, which, as we learned above, cause cramps. The easiest way to combat these cramps, of course, is to cut down on (or cut out) dairy during your period. You don't have to give up cheese altogether, though, just switch to nondairy options.

4 Try a Cuppa Tea

Another great way to make your period suck a little less is by drinking a hot cup of tea. The next time you're doubled over from period pain, try one of these teas: Cinnamon, Ginger, Peppermint, or Chamomile. Each has its own soothing properties—from anti-inflammatory to antispasmodic—and more. And what's more: the simple act of savoring a delicious, hot beverage can be calming in and of itself. Really, what more reason do you need?!

5 Get a Subscription Box

Periods are stressful, to say the least. Make yours a little bit less miserable by signing up for a subscription box like Monthly Gift. You'll have all of the supplies you need to get through your period (chocolate included!) delivered straight to your door for as little as $10 per cycle. And for every box you purchase, Monthly Gift donates a day's worth of products to a girl in need—so you can help yourself and someone else.

6 Have Sex!

Having sex (either by yourself or with a partner) during your period is a great way to feel good while providing temporary relief from the pain of cramps. Sex during your period shouldn't be shameful. Just throw a towel down...and enjoy! Your cranky uterus (and your libido!) will thank you.

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