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5 Remedies to Beat Colds and Flu in Cold Weather ...

By Adeke

The temperatures are advancing to low,the winds getting more busy around the weather cycle and the dust rising up high enough to unbotton my blouse.This state of weather brings with it endless tales of cold and flu.
Here are five remedies that come in handy in such a time.

1 Use Ginger Gloves

Ginger helps the body sweat out toxins which boosts the immunity of the body therefore helpful in prevention and cure of flu and colds. Crush 3 ginger gloves,add 4 cupfuls of water and bring to boil.take the liquid the four times a day as tea.

2 Onion Juice or Soup

Onion being a natural antihistamine with plenty of antioxidants in its bulb,helps curb symptoms of cold and flu. You can either simmer well cut onion cubes and after strain out the juice for use, or boil water and add a bowl of onions cubes to steam for ten minutes. Use the juice sparingly through the day


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3 Cinnamon,garlic and Lemon

Crush one bulb of raw garlic and mix in 25 ml of safe and clean water.To the mixture add 30 ml of raw honey and 3 teaspoonfuls of cinnamon.mix the contents thoroughly well. Take 3 tablespoons for adults once a day and a teaspoon for children above two years

4 Plenty of Water

Taking in plenty of water helps in flushing bacteria out of the body during excretion thus helping to prevent build up of flu causing germs. Take 8 glasses a day or more to supplement your diet.

5 Lemon Water

Taking 8 glasses of water of water every day is healthy.Taking water mixed with a little lemon juice is equally healthy and to keep check of flu and colds. Use 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in full glass of drinking water.A half a lemon can be used in full drinking water bottle. Lemon is rich in vitamin C therefore keeps the immunity system strong enough to fight against colds and flu.

It is said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.let's try to keep the doctor away with the above remedies this cold season.

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