Video 🎞 Guide to Winter ❄️ Survival 💪 when You Don't like the Cold ☃️ ...

While beginning to review the following video, I got depressed as hell. Right now, it is the month of August. Meaning? Almost the end of summer. Why does summer fly by so fast and dreary winter take all the time in the world?

Follow along and learn some winter survival tips. I chose a few to follow myself. Let's compare notes after the video.

A Place to Nest
Published on Jan 4, 2017

1. Flowers

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She said fresh flowers. Personally, I think fresh flowers would be depressing. I would want a potted plant or flower, not wilting or losing its petals. Something that is going to last (or struggle with me) all winter long!

2. Exercise

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We hide our bodies under big coats and sweaters. Challenge yourself to get fit all winter long! Maybe even walk around your house in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts when doing house cleaning.

3. Skin Care

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Do you tend to look like an Amazon woman and not shave your legs, during the winter? Do you neglect to moisturize your feet, elbows, face, etc.? Don't let yourself go all winter without proper grooming!

Those are the 3 tips that stood out to me. How about you?

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