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Best Ways to Get More Vitamin D in Winter ...

By Glenys

One thing that we all know about winter is that it is cold and dark, especially compared to the brighter summer months. Don’t get me wrong, I like a bit of seasonal change throughout the year, but the one thing that can be detrimental to humans is the fact that there is a far greater lack of natural Vitamin D available in the cold months. Less sun equals less Vitamin D, and this is something that we need in order to be as healthy as possible. Here are the best ways to get more Vitamin D in the winter!

1 Fatty/ Oily Fish

Fish that is fatty and oily and rich in omega 3 fatty acids also happens to be a great source of Vitamin D, so it can really pay off to add more of it to your diet during the cold, sunless winter months. Things like salmon, mackerel, sole, flounder, swordfish, and rainbow trout are all delicious examples of beneficial fish.

2 Mushrooms

Did you know that mushrooms are the only plant type food that naturally produce Vitamin D? They are rich in something called ergosterol which converts to provitamin D2 in the body. About one cup of raw UV exposed mushroom is all you need for an entire day’s worth of Vitamin D!

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3 Cod Liver Oil

You might think that it is only a supplement that old people take to ease their joints, but cod liver oil has it’s benefits for all ages! In the same way that the fatty and oily fish contains Vitamin D, so too does cod liver oil, so having your own tub of tablets at home is always a good thing.

4 Fortified Foods

When snacking, try to focus on fortified foods like milk yogurt, soy milk, and orange juice, these are all packed with Vitamin D and will help to keep your overall levels topped up. And egg or two for breakfast is the perfect way to begin the day with a Vitamin D boost.

5 Supplements

If the natural food options don’t appeal to you, or you have allergies to specific foods, then you can always opt for the supplement avenue. Taking daily supplements can provide you will all of the Vitamin D that you need to be healthy with little to no side effects or ramifications.

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