These Wintertime Health Habits Will Add Years to Your Life ...


These Wintertime Health Habits Will Add Years to Your Life ...
These Wintertime Health Habits Will Add Years to Your Life ...

We all want to live a healthy and long life, right? The way you live your life has a big role in how old you end up being. You know that eating right and getting plenty of exercise is important for staying healthy, but there are also some winter specific things you should be doing to prolong your lifespan. Add these habits, courtesy of Redbook magazine, to your routine this winter and you can enjoy a long life.

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Go outside Even if It’s Cold

Go outside Even if It’s Cold Yes, winter can mean frigid temperatures, but that shouldn’t keep you inside all day every day. Experts say that spending time in nature can help relieve stress, even if it’s not a balmy summer day. Bundle up to protect yourself from the cold, but get outside and breathe the fresh air and take in the stunning winter time scenery. You’ll never be sorry you did this!


Show Some Gratitude

Show Some Gratitude When you are grateful for something, you increase your happiness levels. A good mood overall like this can help you live a long life. Try to find something to be thankful for each day, even if you have to search for the silver lining in something. You’ll begin to see that being thankful makes your life better.


Set Your Exercise Playlist as Your Alarm

Set Your Exercise Playlist as Your Alarm Working out is an obvious choice for staying alive longer, but it can be so hard to get up and get moving when it is cold and icky outside. Use your playlist as your morning wakeup call and the music will be enough to get your butt up and lacing up your sneakers so you can stay on track with your healthy lifestyle choices.


Have a Cup of Tea

Have a Cup of Tea Iced tea is the perfect thing to quench your thirst in the summer, but it can also be a life saver in the winter. Studies show that people who drink tea have a lower risk of a stroke. Tea also contains antioxidants that protect your health. Green tea is especially good for you, so brew yourself a mug today and every day all winter long.


Take a Break from the Screen for Awhile

Take a Break from the Screen for Awhile Many of us work in front of a computer, we play games on our smartphone during breaks and then watch television when we get home. All of that time spent sitting down can do a number on your body and your overall health. Take a regular break to stretch and keep your blood flowing. Experts say that good posture when you sit back down can also help preserve your longevity.


Don’t Forget to Have a Snack

Don’t Forget to Have a Snack Failing to refuel regularly can set you up for overeating later in the day. You know how ravenous you feel at dinner if you haven’t eaten since lunchtime. Binge eating at dinner can lead to weight gain, which can shorten your life. Having a snack in the afternoon can help you control yourself so you can keep your weight healthy.


Sleep the Right Way

Sleep the Right Way Lack of sleep can make you stressed and lead to overeating. By making sure you are getting plenty of slumber at night, revamp the way you do it. Experts recommend lying on your side with a pillow between your knees. This takes the pressure off your back and helps you sleep more deeply and keep your brain and body healthy for the next several decades.


De-Stress with Mediation

human action, person, human positions, sitting, blond, Bad weather can have its impact on your mood. Use deep breathing and meditation techniques to help you relax, reduce PMS, and boost immunity (among other things), to help you live longer.



clothing, barechestedness, active undergarment, muscle, swimmer, Sunscreen is as important in winter as it is summer, especially for people who do outdoor sports. Skin cancer is still a risk even in cold months.


Don't Overeat

bride, It's easy to sit inside all winter and eat while binging on Netflix, however, none of that is healthy. You need to get out, get moving, and eat right in order to ensure your longevity.

Which of these are you already doing? Which ones do you need to work on?

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