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A healthy lifestyle is something that we many of us would like to achieve. However, we tend to try it for a while before falling back into our old ways, rather than adopting healthy habits for life. Sometimes this is because it just seems like too much hard work! Don´t be disheartened though, as there are some simple tips that will help you to lead and maintain a healthy lifestyle …

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Do you ever feel guilty about enjoying chocolate or dessert? Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn´t mean that you have to deprive yourself of anything that´s fun. Moderation is the rule to bear in mind. An occasional glass of wine won´t hurt you – it´s drinking every day or consuming more than a sensible daily amount that causes problem. So as long as you don´t overdo it, it´s okay to enjoy something that´s not so healthy.



Exercise is one of the best healthy habits for life. You don´t have to join a gym, run for miles or jump up and down at aerobics classes. The important thing is to keep active and keep your body moving. This is especially important for our health when many jobs involve being sedentary all day. Some gentle daily exercise such as walking will do you the world of good. Don´t let your body seize up, and you´ll be likely to stay fit and active for many years.



Work often takes over our lives, and when we get home it can be difficult to summon up the energy to do anything other than make dinner and slump in front of the TV. But all work and no play won´t do you any good at all. Find the time and energy to enjoy some activities that are enjoyable and a break from the eat/sleep/work routine.



No man – or woman – is an island. We need to spend time with friends and family – being around people we like and love is a great boost to our mental wellbeing. It´s good to get into the habit of spending time socialising; you don´t need to be out every night, but enjoying a healthy social life does allow us to balance work and pleasure.


Positive Outlook

When it comes to adopting healthy habits for life, we shouldn´t just consider habits that look after our physical health. Our mental and psychological health is just as important. Sure, we can´t be as sunny as Little Orphan Annie all the time – life can be hard going at times, and nobody´s that cheerful! But wherever possible, it´s really good to maintain a positive outlook – the more that you do so, the easier it is to cope with hassles, and you will find that you are less bothered by things that don´t matter.



The importance of getting enough sleep cannot be overestimated. Our body uses the sleeping hours to repair itself, and our mind needs to rest. If you´re having trouble sleeping then try to work out what the problem is, and what you can do to solve it.


Regular Meals

Do you ever skip breakfast, either because you ´don´t have time´, or because you simply don´t fancy it? Do you snack on fatty, sugary foods instead of eating proper meals? Or do you leave out lunch so that you can lose weight? Missing out on meals won´t give you the energy you need. Eating regularly is one of the healthy habits everyone should adopt, however busy they are.

Adopting healthy habits for life will pay off considerably. Leading a healthy lifestyle isn´t about depriving yourself of everything that´s fun and enjoyable – on the contrary, being and feeling healthy is a huge bonus. It´s about looking after yourself, and you´ll feel all the better for it. Which healthy habits do you really need to adopt?

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