8 Things to do to Put Yourself First ...


8 Things to do to Put Yourself First ...
8 Things to do to Put Yourself First ...

As a woman you need to remember to put yourself first occasionally. It doesn’t mean you are being selfish or inconsiderate to others. However, sometimes we give and give to everyone else until our cup runs dry. You can’t give to anyone from an empty cup. So instead of trying to give more than you have, take some time to put yourself first so you can give to others the way you want.

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Get Moving

The best way to put yourself first is to exercise. Your health is very important. Too often as women we let our health fly out the window. We forget to exercise because we are too busy doing for everyone else. I promise you the time you put into exercise will increase your energy and strength, making you that much better of a person to help others.


New Outfit

There is something that a new shirt, a pair of shoes, or even a new cute pair of panties just does to a girl. Going on a mini shopping spree is a terrific way to put yourself first. Spend a day shopping for you. Don’t worry about dog food, toilet paper, or socks for your husband. Buy yourself something nice to make you feel special.


Enjoy Snacks

Enjoying a snack or a dessert shouldn’t leave you feeling guilty. You deserve treats and you deserve breaks in your day to have a favorite snack. Try giving yourself a break today... and let me know if it brightens your spirit, even just a little.



Oh sleep! I am one girl that loves a good rest. Usually one day each weekend is devoted to sleep. My friends and family know not to bother me Saturday mornings. Don’t make plans with me before noon, unless it is to come cuddle next to me in bed. You can also put yourself first during the work week by committing to a bedtime that allows you a solid 8 hours of sleep before having to wake in the morning. Let your friends know not to call you after a certain time and don’t plan any projects that are going to keep you up late. Your body needs sleep.



Of course there are times when getting all the sleep needed at night is impossible. On those days you shouldn’t feel bad about taking a nap. Sometimes a little 45 minute nap is all you need to energize yourself for the rest of the afternoon and evening. The way I see it, it’s better to doze off for a few minutes and wake up energized than to be drowsy and yearning for your bed while helping a friend or volunteering. If you aren’t completely awake, you aren’t giving it your all.


Get Social

This one may be more directed at moms. It is really easy for us moms to get so wrapped up in the lives of our children and families and forget about our own social needs. When was the last time you had a girl’s night? When was the last time you even talked to your best friend on the phone? If you can‘t answer these questions I urge you to take a moment and put yourself first and get connected with a friend.



Do you have a hobby? How much time do you get to enjoy that hobby? Probably not too often. Make time for your favorite things; go dancing, take a walk with your camera, or read a book. Whatever it is that fills your soul with passion, don’t push it aside. Put yourself first and make time for your hobbies.


Time out

We all need time outs. We all have moments where we just need the outside world to leave us alone. Put yourself first by turning off your phone, shutting the door to the bathroom, and draw yourself a nice warm bath to relax. Take a well needed time out.

Ladies, do you think it’s important to put yourself first? If you do, what are some of the ways you enjoy focusing on you?

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