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9 Ways Laughter Improves Your Life ...

By Melissa

Does the saying, “laughter is the best medicine,” make you wonder how laughter is good for you? If you want to know the ways laughter improves your life then please read on. I have put together a list of 9 ways laughter improves your life to help you out.

1 Improve Memory

Believe it or not laughter can greatly improve your memory. Scientific studies show that laughter stimulates several parts of the brain. Laughter helps you think more broadly and freely. Want to improve your memory with laughter, try spending time with funny people.

2 Open-Minded

Another way laughter is good for you is that it seems to make people more open-minded. This may be because laughter naturally puts us at ease and causes us to be less serious. Try to relax and laugh when you are feeling a little too uptight.

3 Treats Insomnia

Who doesn’t need help with a good night’s sleep? Luckily laughter is good for treating insomnia. This again probably has to do with the way laughter puts the body at ease. Once you are relaxed your mind is able to shut off better and sleep. Try watching a funny movie or reading a comedic book before bed.

4 Boost Creativity

Are you looking for ways to be more creative? One way laughter improves our lives is by boosting creativity. Why not try a little laughter to get over writer’s block or artist’s block? It is sure to get you back on track and back to doing what you love best. Creating.

5 Reduces Depression

Try to feel sad while enjoying a big belly laugh. It’s hard, right? I mean you may still have those negative feelings but once you allow yourself a little joy and laughter things start to feel a little better, even if just for a minute. Depression is a serious thing, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, if you just have a mild case of the blues, try lightening your mood with a little laughter.

6 Good for Your Heart

Did you know laughter is good for your heart? I had no idea until I started reading up on ways laughter is good for you. According to a study at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore people who laughed more had better heart health.

7 Makes People More Desirable

Some professionals believe that laughter makes men more appealing to women. I can see how this possible. I know a good sense of humor is something I always look for in all people. If a man is happy, smiling, and laughing, I am more inclined to take notice. I think seeing someone laughing also makes them more approachable. Do you find this to be true too?

8 Strengthens Relationships

Along the same lines, laughter is also good for your relationships. Sharing a laugh with someone can strengthen the relationship. I think this is because having a good time by enjoying a moment together helps build a bond between two people. The more positive time you have together, the stronger that bond becomes. Strong bonds also increase trust. Both of these things are key to strengthen relationships.

9 Boost Immune System

Another way laughter is good for you is that is just makes you all around healthier. How? Because laughter has been known to boost the immune system. Since laughter reduces stress and stress weakens our immune system then laughter has to do the exact opposite and boost the immune system. Perhaps the saying should be, “a laugh a day keeps the doctor away.”

I hope you have enjoyed these 9 ways laughter is good for you. Have they encouraged you to want to laugh more? Do you know any other ways laughter improves your health?

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