18 Amazing Tips to Stay Young ...


18 Amazing Tips to Stay Young ...
18 Amazing Tips to Stay Young ...

Are you looking for tips to stay young? There is a part of all of us that would love to stay young forever. While growing older is not preventable, we can take many steps to keep us feeling and looking much younger than our years. If you want to stay young, then you are not going to want to miss this post. I’ve got 18 amazing tips to stay young.

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Drink Water

Water is amazing. I know sometimes it can be the last thing you want to drink, but think about all the amazing ways it keeps your body healthy and young. Water does the best things for your skin, like preventing wrinkles and break outs. How’s that for one of your tips to stay young?


Eat Health

We know how eating certain foods benefits our bodies. If you are eating healthy to keep certain organs, like your heart or brain, working properly, you are already doing what it takes to keep your body young. Eating well helps you age gracefully.


Stay Active

Eating right isn’t enough. You've got to keep your body young with regular cardio exercise. Try walking or running. Dancing is another great cardio exercise and probably one of my favorites. All it takes is a good beat and an open floor to transport me back to my booty-poppin’ dance days. Talk about feeling young!


No Smoking

Old or young, it doesn’t matter. Smoking is a horrible habit to start and a difficult one to quit. It rapidly ages your appearance and body. Smokers are more likely to die an untimely death than non-smokers. If you want to age with grace and beauty, you will stay far away from cigarettes.


Drink Responsibly

Alcohol can also cause premature aging. While drinking a glass of red wine every day is shown to have wonderful health benefits, it is not advisable to drink heavily. The effect of alcohol on the liver is disturbing. If you must drink, do it within reason.


Wash Your Face

You probably know that your face and neck will age faster than the rest of your body. Fortunately, proper skin care can really help you fool everyone and look young for a very long time. Be sure to wash your face and neck twice a day and follow up with a good moisturizer.


Oral Care

Nothing says you’re old like a set of dentures. Do you agree? If you don’t want your teeth to tell your age, then you better start taking better care of your pearly whites now. It’s not just about having pretty white teeth. You need to take proper care of your gums too.



What good is a young and fit looking body if your brain is out-of-date? Keep your mind young by reading frequently. Read for entertainment. Read to educate yourself. Read to stay current on what's going on in the world around you.


Sun Protection

Of course washing and moisturizing your face and neck aren't enough. You also need proper sun protection. Those bronze tans look great now, but in a few years all that tanning will turn your skin leathery and wrinkled. You can get a warm golden glow with make-up and sunless tanner and save yourself on the sun-damage. When you are out in the sun, be sure to wear sunscreen and reapply it as needed.



I lied earlier. Laughter and a good sense of humor will keep you young forever. Enjoying a good time with the people you love is the best thing. Making the most out of any situation and laughing makes you feel good and look good.


Control Stress

Stress is evil. It does some crazy things to our bodies. We need to lower the stress and increase the good if we want to stay young. How do you plan to cut the stress from your life?


Worry Less

My great friend once told me that worrying is like a rocking chair. You can rock all you want but it’s not going to get you anywhere. Sometimes, instead of worrying, we need to take action. Do what is right and move on. Other times we just need to have faith and let go.



How do you like to relax? Think about kids. They are young and they know how to relax. After a day of running around and acting crazy all day, my daughter likes to lay upside down on the couch to watch TV and relax. Those kids have this staying young thing all figured out. We need to follow their lead.



Yoga is challenging yet so relaxing. I feel kind of old to say I like yoga. I only say that because it’s not something I would have ever considered doing as a teen. But now I know it is doing wonderful things for my body and helping the aging process. I really do enjoy yoga and will continue to do it for a long time.


Exercise Your Brain

Your brain ages just like the rest of your body. We have got to keep our brains in good working order. While reading helps a little, we can still do more. Give your brain a challenge. Try learning a new language, do a crossword puzzle, or try a little Sudoku.



Love is going to keep you young. Love with your entire heart. Love like you have never been hurt. Love the way you did the first time. Love the people you are with and love your life. Take it all in and show thanks for your many blessings.


Good Friends

Keep only the good friends. We all have people in our lives that seem to tear us down more than they build us up. Those people need to go. You don’t need drama or critics in your life. Those things will only cause stress and we already know we need to cut the stress and relax more to live young.



Eating well and exercise give your body a lot of its daily nutrients, but we can always supplement that with a multivitamin to ensure our body is getting everything it needs to stay young. Do you already take a daily multivitamin?

Do you think these tips will help keep you staying young? Even though we can’t stop time, we can definitely do things to stay healthy, strong, and sharp. These are the things that keep us young on the inside and that shows through to the outside. What do you do to stay young?

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