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7 Tips on How to Rejuvenate Your Spirit ...

By Melissa

Do you want to learn how to rejuvenate your spirit? We can all use a little renewal now and then to lift our mood and improve our quality of life. Learning how to rejuvenate your spirit is easy with these 7 tips. You will be amazed at how awesome you feel once you put them into action in your life.

1 Creative Outlet

What do you do unleash your creativity? Some of us like to dance and others choose to write. I have a few people that always have a camera close at hand to capture beauty and express their creativity. Girl, even if you have to grab your hair brush and belt out your best Mariah Carey rift, it’s going to do something inside you to fuel your creativity and awaken your spirit. Try it. Need more tips on how to rejuvenate your spirit? Keep reading.

2 Dive into a Good Book

Sometimes our soul needs an escape. What better way to get away than by getting lost in a good book? Tell me what kind of book does your soul good. Are you a love story kind of girl or do you prefer science fiction?

3 Organizing

Some people don’t feel much joy in completing a project like organizing the hall closet or deep cleaning the kids' bedrooms. Other people have souls that feel so uneasy amongst clutter and chaos that a good deep cleaning or organizing project is the perfect thing to rejuvenate their souls. I’ll admit that I do feel better when I know my closets are in perfect order.

4 Exercise

Come on, did you really think exercise was just for your body? Of course not, exercise is perfect for the soul too. As you breathe through your run, dance, or yoga practice, you're taking in positive energy and letting go of the negative. Exercise is a powerful tool. That is why it is best to give every workout all you've got and leave the baggage behind.

5 Help Others

Some people believe that the best way to fight depression is by helping others. I can see the truth in this. It’s kind of hard to feel down and sorry for yourself if you are helping someone less fortunate. It really helps put into perspective how blessed you are. If you are feeling down about life and a little lackluster in your spirit, find a way to get out and help others. I’ve never heard anyone say how much they regretted helping another person out.

6 Spend Time outside

Fresh air, golden sunlight, and sounds of nature are perfect for rejuvenating the soul. Take your workout outside. Read a book at the beach or park. Take your writing or painting to the patio. Do you get what I am saying here? You can combine any of these other activities to help your spirit with the outdoors. It’s a double dose of spirit rejuvenation and guaranteed to get the job done.

7 Spiritual or Religious Study

Sometimes our spirits are hungry for more than we can offer. If you have a religion or spiritual belief and your soul is feeling restless, it may be time to dig further in your studies. Read, listen to a podcast from a mentor, seek counsel from leaders at your church, talk to a friend who shares your beliefs and spend quiet time in prayer or meditation.

I would love to hear what you think about these 7 tips on how to rejuvenate your soul. Which of these tips works for you and which ones do you plan to try out soon?

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