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9 Changes to Make You Happier.. ...

By Melissa

You deserve a joyful life and if you aren’t living one, then it is time to make some changes to make you happier. It’s a little obscure to think that if you keep doing the same things, being around the same people, or moving at the same pace that you will see different results. That is not how life works. Anyone can have more joy and glee from making a few changes. So are you up for learning about 9 changes to make you happier? I hope so…

1 Evaluate Your Values

What do you believe? What are your values and virtues? Look at your current life and honestly answer for yourself whether you are living out those values. If not, you probably feel a lot of guilt and displeasure every time you act against your set values. Your behavior is taking away your happiness and this has got to be one of your first changes to make you happier.

2 Give

How much time do you spend giving and serving others? It’s been scientifically proven that helping others is a great way to fight depression. If you are feeling in a funk, find a way to give back. There are so many opportunities to volunteer and serve your community. If that is too big for you, consider doing a sweet favor for a friend or family member. You could even do something special and never let anyone know it was you.

3 Set Goals

Goals aren’t meant to make you feel like a failure. If your goals are letting you down, you may be going about them all wrong or need to set mini-goals to help you reach your main goal. Each time you make a stride towards achieving your goals, you have to celebrate and share your success with others.

4 Count Your Blessings

No matter who you are, how little or how much you have, you have many blessings. Instead of focusing on the things you are lacking, take a moment and look over what you do have. Move beyond material things and think about the people that love and care about you and all the positive opportunities you have in your life.

5 Work for Happiness

The truth is we all need to work to get by in life. As we all know the light bill doesn’t pay itself and neither will the rent. But work shouldn’t feel dreadful. Think about the things you love and jobs that relate. As an example, my close friend loves movies. Ultimately he would love to work in movies, in the meantime he got a job at the local movie theater. He loves his job and gets to see every movie.

6 Pray and Meditate

Research shows that prayer and meditation both have a positive effect on the brain. They also encourage happiness. Spending time each day in prayer and meditation will lighten your mood and relieve stress.

7 Journal

Journaling works similar to prayer and meditation, but I feel it needs to be done along with them, not instead of them. I find that journaling, especially when I am going through a difficult time, helps me put my feelings into words and start to understand my situation better. Keeping a journal is also a reference to have so you can look back and see how you came out from bad times before.

8 Socialize

No, that does not mean cyber stalking your friends on Facebook and Twitter. You really need to get out and spend time with people in real life. Call up your friends and plan a girls' night out. Go to a game or school event. If no one is available, don’t despair. Find something going on in your community that will allow you to meet new people. Be bold, say hi and start a conversation.

9 Smile

Sometimes we just have to fake happiness until it becomes genuine. The general act of smiling does signal the brain to feel happy. Smiling also makes you more approachable by other people.

This is only a small list of changes to make you happy. I’m sure you all have your own suggestions on ways to bring more happiness and joy into each of our lives. Share your happiness secrets with us and other readers in the comments.

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