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8 Baby Steps to Spiritual Health ...

By Neecey

The key to making those first steps to spiritual health is to not try to take a giant leap but to limit yourself to baby steps. Spiritual health is not something achieved overnight, nor in leaps and bounds. It is an intuitive and holistic process that comes with time – essentially you grow into it. If you want a sustained sense of inner-wealth and well-being, here are some baby steps to spiritual health.

1 Technology Free

One of the biggest steps to spiritual health is having a few technology free days. We don’t realise how much being connected to everything is stressing us out; our phones are always making a noise, social media is ever pulsating at our fingertips and our computers never get switched off. Make space in your soul and your life to reboot without technology.

2 The Importance of Exercise

Exercise is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to taking the steps to spiritual health. Increasing our heart rate releases all sorts of feel-good chemicals into our bodies, keeps us healthy, keeps our weight down, is good for our muscles and gives us a space to release our frustrations. And it is the best anti-depressant on the planet. Get out there and get moving, and even if it is just walking, it will do you a world of good.

3 De Clutter Your Life

Clutter in our homes and offices is one of the biggest stumbling blocks when we look for ways to achieve spiritual health. We cannot have control of our lives when we live in contestant mayhem and disorganization. And nothing else will go right if you are experiencing a perpetual state of anxiety. Deal with your clutter and you will free your mind and soul.

4 Cut out Alcohol

Alcohol is something that many people use to relax - a social aid that takes the edge off. But for some people, it’s an everyday crutch, and they are not able to function or have any sort of health, spiritual or otherwise, when they are trapped in the drinking every day cycle. Cut out the booze completely, detox your body and find the way to spiritual health when you look and feel great.

5 Get into Gardening

Gardening is another one of those activities for the soul. There is something quite exhilarating about digging in the soil, planting fragrant herbs, tending to roses and watering sprawling carpets of colorful flowers that have come to life under your hands, and your tender loving care. Being outside in the early morning gives you a chance to reflect on your life, to enjoy the peace and quiet and prepare for the day ahead.

6 Count Your Blessings

So often we are trapped in a vicious circle of wanting more, getting more, and working more as we are being socialized into believing that we need more. We miss out on important family milestones and events to work more, to get more stuff while all the time having everything we need already. Finding spiritual health means being grateful for things that we already have – our families, our children, our health, our homes, our talents and the people that we love and cherish around us.

7 Take Time to Appreciate

You know those invisible people that pack your groceries at the store, hold the door open for you while you rush in and out of buildings while on your phone, that you step over as they mop the floors, that wipe the tables down in your favorites restaurant, that direct the traffic for you in the hot sun when the traffic lights are not working? They are the ones climbing into hot buses at the end of the day while we cruise past in our air conditioned SUVs. Take the steps to spiritual health and take the time to say thank you to these people, to stop and greet them – it costs nothing.

8 Keep a Diary

Ask yourself what you were doing this time last year, and chances are you will have no idea. Our lives are of such a pace that we can’t remember what we did 5 minutes ago. Take the time to keep a diary of your life, a chance to reflect on your feelings, your growth as a person, your role as husband or wife, mother or father and you will be well on your way to spiritual health.

The great thing about these baby steps to spiritual health is they cost nothing and require very little effort on your behalf, yet they can bring great rewards in peace and enlightenment. If that sounds a bit too hippy chick for you, just think of spiritual health as being happier and more settled with your life. Do you think spiritual health is as important as physical health?

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