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Do you ever wonder about the habits of happy people? We all know people that seem so full of joy. These people may make you wonder... what exactly are they doing that makes them so freaking happy all the time? I bet you anything, these types of people have a few habits that help keep their spirits lifted, even if they don’t realize it. If you want to be one of those people that exudes happiness, check out these 8 habits of happy people.

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Give Thanks

One of the habits of happy people is to be thankful for what you have. It’s important to appreciate what you have instead of feeling sorry for what you lack. If you are able to read this article then you either have a computer, laptop, or smartphone, which means you are far more fortunate than some.


Don’t Compare

Happy people don’t spend a lot of time comparing themselves to others. Life isn’t about how much better or worse you are than someone else. It’s not about what your neighbor has or how much slimmer your best friend is than you. You only need to worry about how you have improved yourself over time.


Simple Acts of Kindness

Think about some of these “happy people” we are talking about here. Think about some of the things they do. Do they give back to others, help in the community, serve at church, volunteer at school? It really is true that helping others feels good.



Too many of us are skeptics. We’ve let life jade us. We expect the worst in every situation and from everyone. It’s hard to see the good if you’ve been let down time and time again, but don’t let that harden your heart. There is good in the world. You have to keep an open mind and heart to let it in and stay positive. It’s impossible to be happy when you always look for the negative around you.


Strong Relationships

Happy people understand the importance of real life friendships and social interaction. While social media is great for keeping in touch with friends and staying current, it shouldn’t be your only connection to people. You have to get out there and mingle with others and strengthen your relationships.



It is also important to learn how to forgive. Negative feelings and discontent with others is only going to dampen your happiness. Learning to let go is good for the heart. Do it for yourself, not for the person that wronged you.


Enjoy the Little Moments

Life is full of small joys. Everyday something heart warming happens in your life. The key is to slow down and take notice of those things. If you spend your life constantly on the go and never take a moment to see what’s around you, or if your head is constantly plugged into the TV, computer, or phone, you are missing some fabulous things.


Be a Goal Setter

Happy people have goals. Setting goals, having challenges, and commitments give you something to work for and give you purpose. Working towards those things gives you a sense of pride and accomplishing your goals is an amazing feeling.

What are some habits of happy people that you have noticed? Will you create any of these new habits to increase your own happiness?

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Great article, simple steps we can all follow and embrace

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