8 Healthy Tips for a Long Life to Help You Celebrate Your 100 ...


8 Healthy Tips for a Long Life to Help You Celebrate Your 100 ...
8 Healthy Tips for a Long Life to Help You Celebrate Your 100 ...

Do you want to enjoy a long life? With life expectancy increasing all the time, more of us are likely to live to a ripe old age. However, what we all want is to be fit and healthy as long as possible, which means taking care to look after yourself. You can´t enjoy a long life unless it´s a quality one! So here are some healthy tips for a long life.

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Quit Smoking

Yes, we´ve all heard the stories of someone´s granny who puffed her way through 60 a day and is still going strong at 110. Don´t kid yourself for a minute that you can get away with it. Giving up smoking really is one of the most healthy tips for a long life. You might survive asthma and lung cancer, but it won´t be a life of quality.



If you´re going to take tips from someone´s granny on how to enjoy a long life, then moderation is a good one. Many centenarians attribute their years to habits like a daily tot of whisky. You don´t have to do the same; just follow the example of ´all things in moderation´.



One of the most important things to remember if you want to enjoy a long life is to enjoy life, full stop! Miserable, unhappy people won´t last as long (and if they do, they´ll just make everyone else miserable along with them). Attack life with gusto, and even as the years advance you´ll still be having fun.



Sure, nobody likes the idea of getting old. But it´s going to happen, so you might as well get used to it! There´s no point hating the idea of growing older, as you can´t stop it. Accept it instead, grow old (dis)gracefully, and have a good time in spite of it!


Embrace Maturity

We live in a culture that practically worships youth. Why on earth do they use models in their twenties to sell wrinkle cream? Youth is seen as desirable above all else. But the one sure thing is that it won´t last. Maturity needs to be valued as it is in other cultures – there is still so much that older people have to offer.


Active Mind

Another important point to remember if you aim to enjoy a long life is that you must keep your mind active. Exercising your brain is known to keep it working well (the brain is a muscle and needs a workout!). Cultivate the habit of reading, learning and studying new things.


Active Body

Of course, you need to keep your body active as well! Find a form of exercise that you like and maintain it as part of your routine. It´s also good to keep generally active, and move your body as much as possible. Everyone can do something to keep fit and healthy.



Having a circle of good friends is important for enjoying a long life. We really do need people we care about around us, people who inspire us and are a pleasure to be around. Just make sure that they follow the same tips so that you can all grow old together – it won´t be much fun if they die off long before you do!

All these healthy tips for a long life won´t guarantee that you stay fit and healthy until you reach your centenary, but they will help improve your chances. And if you do live a long life, you can have fun annoying your children! Do you hope to enjoy a long life, or would you rather live a shorter life if you could be guaranteed good health for all of it?

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