7 Tips to Boost Your Energy ...


Are you feeling run down and looking for tips to boost energy. We all have times when we just feel drained. Luckily there are a few key things you can do to get that energy back up to where it should be so you can finish out your day. You are not going to want to miss these tips to boost energy.

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Sometimes we aren’t even tired, our bodies just need a bit of hydrating. Follow these tips to boost energy the next time you feel a little sluggish. Instead of laying down for a nap, try drinking a big glass of cold water. Our bodies sometimes mix up the signals for thirst and sleep. Rule out thirst by taking in some H20.



Your body may need certain vitamins and mineral to fight off that constant fatigue. Magnesium deficiency is constantly linked to having a lack of energy. Be sure to take a daily multivitamin and eat magnesium rich foods like fish, almonds, cashews, and bran. Do you already take a multivitamin?


Walk It out

I don’t get it either, but health experts agree that getting active will actually increase your energy. If you tend to get run down every day at the same time get up from your desk and take a little walk around the office. Walking is an easy activity to do just about anywhere. Will you try going for a little stroll the next time you feel tired?


Power Nap

Sometimes our brains just need a little break. We try to jam our brains with all sorts of information and tasks. It just can’t take too much of it. When push comes to shove, sometimes when we feel tired we really do need to take a break and have a little power nap. Power naps have been proven to help the brain better retain information and recover from system-overload.


Stress Release

Being stressed and anxious uses up way too much energy. If you are stressed or filled with anxiety it is no wonder you have a huge lack of energy. Find ways to manage stress and relieve anxiety to get back some of that youthful energy. How do you manage stress and relax?



Yay, I love snack time. Studies show a few well thought out snacks between meals can boost energy. You need to find a snack that combines protein, healthy fat, and a little bit of fiber. Humus on whole wheat crackers or yogurt with almonds are two great energy boosting snacks. Do you have a favorite energy boosting snack?


Latte Not Coffee

Most of us spring for coffee when we start to feel tired, but just like our energy boosting snacks should have protein and a little bit of fat, so should our energy boosting drinks. A low-fat latte is perfect. The low-fat milk is a fat and a protein. You will get extra energy, some added calcium, and a delicious treat all at once.

I hope you have found some good information here. With so many ways to boost energy finding one that is right for you should be easy. Do you have any other suggestion to share to help all of us get over the midday fatigue and finish out our days with a bang?

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