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The following 8 ways to be more energetic should help you get on the right track. It’s amazing at how much even a couple of the ways listed below can change your life in a positive way. Not only can these methods help you to have more energy, but they can make you feel better about yourself too. Take a look at this list and see what you think about it. Maybe you have your own techniques that work best for you and your energy needs. Please feel free to share some of them!

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Get Plenty of Rest

I don’t function well at all when I’m tired. I try to get enough sleep at night, but it doesn’t always pan out in my favor. I love having the option to take a power nap every so often. Whether it’s a 10 minute cat nap or an hour long snooze, catching a few winks in the afternoon can do wonders for your energy level.


Drink Lots of Water Every Day

As soon as you begin to feel low on energy, drink a big glass of cool water. If you’re staying hydrated during the day then you are drinking water regularly and not waiting until you feel thirsty. I was told that feeling thirsty was a sign that dehydration was already setting in. Your body needs plenty of water to keep things running smoothly. When there isn’t enough water to carry waste through and out of your body, you tend to feel a bit sluggish.


Drop a Few Pounds

5 to 10 pounds can make a world of difference in the way you feel during the day. Losing a small amount of weight will lighten your load and take some of the strain off of your knees and back. This slight drop in pounds can increase the amount of energy you have by a lot.


Eliminate Some of the Clutter in Your Life

I feel absolutely drained whenever I look around and see a messy house. It’s such a depressing sight, that I feel tired just thinking about it. When I’m not happy with the way the house looks or the abundance of clutter I see lying about my energy level hits rock bottom. Try going through a couple of drawers a day or half of the closet and getting rid of things you know you don’t need and will never need. It’s such a fantastic feeling to get rid of unwanted items.


Take Supplements

Ginseng, B complex, and even iron help most people. There are plenty of natural supplements available through health food stores or grocery stores that consist of an excellent combination of energy-boosting vitamins and minerals. Take these as directed on the packaging; more is not necessarily better!


Eat Healthy

As the saying goes, ‘You are what you eat’. If you eat junk food, you’ll feel like junk food. Your body needs a certain amount of protein, dairy, fruits, veggies, and grains to function properly. Not only should you be concerned with consuming good food, but meals should also be eaten at regular times. If the body thinks it is being starved it will start storing as much fat as possible. So, eat right and eat often!


Lift Weights

Increasing your muscle mass will help you to burn more calories when doing physical activities. If you are burning calories and not storing them, then your energy level will rise.



The best way to raise your metabolism is by exercising. When this is combined with lifting weights, drinking lots of water, and eating healthy meals, you’ll have no problem at all with the amount of energy you feel.

I hope these 8 ways to be more energetic work for your particular situation. Try one or two of these methods first and see how you feel. It’s always possible to add one more way on to the list of energy-boosting techniques, but you don’t want to overdue it right from the start. How do you raise your level of energy safely?

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