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10 Ways to save a Life ...

By Jennifer

Ways to save a life — there are so many, and they’ll all so important to know now! From simply being aware of your surroundings to rescuing a child in danger, all of these ways to save a life are important, so please keep reading! Here are 10 ways to save a life, maybe even your own!

1 Give Blood

Give BloodAccording to the Red Cross, every 2 seconds, someone needs blood. From trauma victims to people with blood disorders, young and old, the blood you could donate saves lives, every day. It takes about an hour, is relatively painless, and almost anyone can do it. To schedule an appointment near you, call the Red Cross or visit their website. Do it today — I wonder whose life you’ll save!

2 Learn CPR

Learn CPRWe’ve all seen dramatic demonstrations of CPR on reality TV shows, so it’s one of the ways to save a life we’re the most familiar with. But how many of us really know how to do it? Take a few minutes to review the instructions at this website ... your knowledge of the two-step CP process really could save someone!

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3 Don’t Feel Silly Calling 911

Don’t Feel Silly Calling 911If you’re ever in an emergency situation, don’t hesitate to dial 911 from a landline or from your cell phone. Make sure to listen carefully to the questions the operator asks you, and follow directions carefully. And don’t feel silly calling! It’s better to be safe than sorry.

4 Be Observant

Be ObservantThere is nothing more important, no more impactful way to save a life, than to be observant. Pay attention to what’s going on around you, and if you see something life-threatening going on, jump into action and put your new skills to the test.

5 Don’t Let Friends Engage in Risky Behavior

Don’t Let Friends Engage in Risky BehaviorThere used to be a PSA that said “friends don’t let friends drive drunk.” I don’t know if that ad is still running, but it’s still true. Don’t let your friends engage in this, or other, life-threatening ways. Not only could your friend potentially be putting their own life in jeopardy, they could also be dangerous to other innocent people.

6 Don’t Engage!

Don’t Engage!We see it on the news all the time — someone got involved in a road rage incident and was seriously injured or killed. There’s one sure-fire way to avoid this, one key way to save a life in this situation, and that is NOT to engage! So what if they guy in the Mustang cut you off. Let him go. After that initial angry adrenaline rush, you’ll feel better, and you might even be safer.

7 Become an Organ Donor

Become an Organ DonorHere in my home state, it’s incredibly easy to register to be an organ donor. When you renew or apply for your driver’s license, there’s simply a check-box to be checked, and your family to inform. It takes about five seconds, and can save someone’s life! Become an organ donor now, today!

8 Be Prepared

Be PreparedLife-threatening accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, so being prepared can often mean the difference between a bad accident, and a deadly one. Keep a stocked first aid kit on hand at home, at work and in your car, and take the time to educate yourself about how and when to use the items in it. And also, go back to the top of this list and learn CPR if you haven’t already!

9 Don’t Be Afraid to Act

Don’t Be Afraid to ActSeveral years ago, I was shopping with my mother, walking through the parking lot, when we heard a baby crying. We looked around and saw a baby in her car seat, locked in a hot car. We immediately called 911, and paramedics arrived within minutes to break into the car and save the baby. Her mother had simply forgotten her in the back of the car, and thanks to my mother’s quick thinking, the baby lived. But some babies forgotten in hot cars don’t survive. So don’t ever be afraid to act! What good is it to be vigilant if you don’t act on what you see?

10 Save Your Own Life!

Save Your Own Life!My best advice if you’re looking for a way to save someone’s life is, of course, to start with your own! Get an annual PAP smear and pelvic exam. Eat right, exercise, and don’t smoke, drink excessively, or use illicit drugs. Take care of yourself, sweetie, and save your own life!

Obviously, the very last item on this list of ways to save a life is the most important — you can’t save anyone if you’re hurt! But all of these are important, and can be helpful in an emergency or accident situation. Which of these ways have you saved a life? Which do you think you’ll do next? Please share!

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