7 Ways to Increase Your Brain Power ...

By Alison

7 Ways to Increase Your Brain Power ...

Increase Your Brain Power and you can greatly improve your life in any number of ways. Brain power can refer to many things, from street smarts to book smarts to general cleverness. Do you want to increase your brain power? We all have times when the old grey matter doesn't seem to be running on full capacity, but there are lots of ways of improving its performance. It's well known that with the brain, it's a case of use it or lose it, so try some of these tips and increase your brain power by 50% (yes, only kidding, but every bit helps!).

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Game on

No, I don't mean Playstation or computer games, but the more cerebral variety. Word puzzles or Sudoku are excellent for exercising your brain. Crosswords have long been a favourite of the older generation wanting to keep their mind active, so follow their example and give word games a go.



If you want to increase your brain power, then it's essential to get adequate rest. Make it a priority to sleep the right amount of time for you, and you'll find that you work and study in a more effective way. A short nap can also prove very refreshing and allow you to resume work or study more efficiently.


Food for Thought

Like your body, your brain needs to be well fed in order to work properly – a diet of junk food will just make you feel sluggish and unable to concentrate. There are lots of foods that are known to help brain and memory function. Try oily fish, nuts and seeds, blueberries and spinach (although not all together …).


Learn Something New

Learning doesn't have to stop when you leave school or college. It's well known that exercising their brain helps elderly people stay alert and mentally fit. Some even study for degrees when they are decades past retirement age. Whatever age you are, though, keep an interest in learning; whether it's a language, a practical skill or simply reading about a new subject, acquiring new information will increase your brain power.



We seem to have forgotten the art of writing things down, yet writing helps us organise our thoughts. If you're stuck on a problem, try giving your brain some help by picking up a pen and notebook. You may find that putting things down on paper and being able to see your thoughts in front of you makes it easier to find solutions and ideas.

Famous Quotes

Happiness depends upon ourselves.



It's well known that meditation is excellent for relaxation, but it seems that it may have other benefits as well. Yes, it can help increase your brain power, too. A recent study by Yale University has concluded that meditation appears to help areas of the brain associated with mental problems, so why not see if it helps your brain work more effectively?



Ask questions all the time – not just of other people, but of yourself. This will exercise your brain, as you try to work out the answers. If you stay curious, you will increase your brain power by constantly absorbing new information and testing yourself.

It's very important to increase your brain power and to keep your mind active. We only get one brain, so look after it! Keep learning, inquiring and stretching your mind to increase your brain power. Learning isn't just for schooldays. Try some of these tips, and see how much more efficiently you can work and study. What have you done to increase your brain power?

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