8 Wicked Ways to Be More Active ...


8 Wicked Ways to Be More Active ...
8 Wicked Ways to Be More Active ...

More Active lifestyles and daily routines is something everyone needs, especially these days. Being more active is something that many of us resolve to do as a new year begins. These days, we tend to lead sedentary lives, with jobs that involve sitting at a computer and much of our leisure time spent sitting down as well. So what can we do to incorporate more physical activity into our lives – and enjoy it as well? Here are some wicked ways to be more active

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Skating is a really fun activity. In winter there are often temporary ice rinks, or you may live near a permanent rink. Plus you can buy a pair of inline skates for use all year round. Don't forget to buy some elbow and knee pads as well!



Take your canine buddy for a run in the park, throw a ball around and generally have as much fun as he does. It's a great way to be more active – if you don't have a dog of your own, borrow a neighbour's or volunteer to give the dogs at a rescue centre a much-needed walk.


Fun with Friends

No, not that kind of fun. Just how friendly are you with your friends? I mean do something like have an impromptu ball game in the park. Exercise is a lot more enjoyable if you can share it, as you encourage each other, and get caught up in the game.


Dancing Queen

Dancing is great fun and you don't have to be good at it. If you're shy, dance around at home; if you're not, go to a class or a club. Salsa classes, for example, are very popular, and as well as being more active you'll meet new people.


Play with Kids

It's often said that today's kids are far less active than we were in our childhood. So get out there and play with your kids – you'll both benefit! Playing in the garden or in the park gives you all a chance to get active and have fun as a family.



Walking might not appear too energetic, but it's an easy way to be more active every day. To make it more interesting, set yourself a theme. For example, if you live in the country, take pictures of animals or birds. If you're in an urban setting, go window shopping, or walk part of the way to work and really look at everything around you.


Relive Your Youth

Kids give you a great excuse to get more active, but if there aren’t any at hand, just act like a kid yourself! Take up the fun pursuits you used to love as a kid, which didn't seem like exercise because they were so enjoyable. So try trampolining or skipping.


On Your Bike

If you haven't been cycling for a while, you've no doubt forgotten how enjoyable it can be. It's also a very practical way to travel shorter distances, saves you money and allows you to increase your activity levels. So if you don't own a bike, why not buy a second-hand one and get active?

There are lots of enjoyable ways to become more active, and these ideas provide an opportunity to see being active as a fun pursuit. Even if the weather discourages you from going outside, there are still ways of being more active indoors. Besides, you soon warm up when you go cycling, for example! Would you like to lead a more active lifestyle?

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