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8 Cleverly Efficient Tips on How to Start Your Day ...

By Jennifer

How to start the day… well, there’s the mad dash for the shower, the gulping down of hot coffee, the last-minute run in your tights, the cute guy on the subway… aside from the cute guy, sweetie, we have to fix your morning routine! Here are 8 tips on how to start your day…

1 Get Rid of Your Alarm Clock!

Get Rid of Your Alarm Clock!Is there anything more jarring or unpleasant than the loud screech of an alarm clock? Let’s fix that first! Get rid of the blare and opt for something more soothing, like classical music (or Coldplay!) or even bird song. Come on! That’s a much better way to start your day!

2 Go for a Run, Walk, or Jog

Go for a Run, Walk, or JogI’ve found that if I put off my exercise until the end of my day, often times, it just doesn’t happen. I’ve also discovered that if I exercise in the morning, I have a lot more energy and a much better mood all day long… so why not try it? Go for a walk, hit the gym, do some yoga first thing in the morning… will it work for you, too?

3 Shower Power!

Shower Power!I used to shower at night in an effort to save time in the morning, but I missed my morning shower. If you find yourself a little low on energy in the morning, take a shower and see if that won’t perk you up… and it might get rid of that bed-head, too!

4 Check the Weather, but Not the News

Check the Weather, but Not the NewsLet’s face it — the news is depressing, not how you want to start your day. Feel free to check the traffic and weather, but don’t watch or listen to the news, at least until you get in the car or to the office.

5 Make a List, Check It Twice

Make a List, Check It TwiceWhat do you have to get done tomorrow? The next day? Today? If you find that you’re just not as productive as you want to be, try making a list every morning of the things you want to get done that day. Be reasonable! You can’t tackle a list with 100 things on it, but you might be able to complete a list of 10.

6 Start and Finish with a Kiss

Start and Finish with a KissEvery morning, I start my day with a good-morning smooch from my daughter, and I finish my morning with a have-a-good-day kiss from her, too. There is nothing better than starting your day with a kiss… or some sort of affection, if you catch my drift. *wink

7 Don’t Forget Breakfast!

Don’t Forget Breakfast!Just like mom always said: breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Don’t skip it, no matter how late you’re running. Keep cereal bars or breakfast shakes on hand for rushed breakfasts, but don’t just skip it. Your body and brain need it!

8 Find Inspiration

Find InspirationOK, do you have your breakfast, your shower, your kiss, your list… now what? How about a little inspiration! What do you want to get done today, and what will keep you going? Is it the book or the TV show at the end of the night, or the coffee date with the cute guy from the subway? Find a little inspiration every morning, and you’ll be surprised with how pleasant, and quick, your day will be!

Those are m tips on how to start the day… I can’t function without my list and my kiss! Which of these will you add to your morning routine, and why? Or is there something else you do every morning you’d like to share? Please do!

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