10 Top Ways to Take Control of Your Life ...


10 Top Ways to Take Control of Your Life ...
10 Top Ways to Take Control of Your Life ...

It’s not easy to either feel or take control but it’s very easy to feel anxious and worried about where your life is headed. If you’ve ever felt like things aren’t going your way, or too many external incidents are affecting the way you think, live and work then you might need some friendly tips on how to relax and take control of your life. Being independent and autonomous is extremely important to your mental wellbeing and self-confidence. Perhaps you’ve lost sight on what you really want to do with yourself; if you have then here are 10 Top Ways to Take Control of Your Life so you can have a little ‘me’ time.

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Establish Priorities

First thing in the morning, decide what needs to be done on that day and list them down in order of importance. Another good tip is to question the list – will you get too stressed if this doesn’t get done? Try to arrange your to-do-list on your terms so that you become the person who makes the decisions. By doing what only you’ve set yourself to do, you can take control of your life.


Know Your Limits

Setting yourself unreachable goals will only stress you out and make you feel like you’re losing control of things. Be realistic as well as ambitious. If you are altruistic and try to help others as much as you can you need to be careful and ensure you aren’t damaging yourself in the process.


Be More Decisive

You can take control easier and quicker if you make a decision and stick with it.

Don’t be flaky or fickle, because having a clear set goal helps when trying to control your surroundings and activities. This relates to knowing what you want. E.g. if a great opportunity appears, take it. Make your own decisions and try to do things you’re comfortable doing.


Indecision can leave you feeling powerless and overwhelmed. By setting definitive goals, you create a roadmap for your life that clearly outlines your destination and how to get there. Trust your instincts and judge the situation with a clear mindset. Remember, it’s okay to say no to things that don't align with your goals. However, once you make a choice, commit to it with conviction. This assertiveness may not only earn you respect from others but also empowers you to navigate through life's challenges with a steady hand.


A Tidy House is a Tidy Mind

Having a clean and ordered environment helps your brain categorize, organize and feel more in control. Tidy your workplace and home and get rid of any unnecessary clutter. Also, designate certain areas of your workplace for important items so you’ll always know where to find them. Once this is done, you can focus your mind better and teach it to take control of your life through simple organization.


Plan and save Your Meals Ahead

If you are constantly busy and feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, save yourself some time and cook your meals in advance. Don’t rely on expensive and greasy take-aways. Cook a big batch of food at the beginning of the week and freeze it so you’ll always have a prepared home-cooked meal. It saves you time so you can focus on other issues at hand.



Think about your typical week and calculate how many hours you work, play and rest. If you’re shocked by any of the results try adjusting your lifestyle to one you feel comfortable with. For example if you spend more hours in the office than you want or need to, try cutting back. Realize that recharging your batteries is just as important as using them. Otherwise you’ll just burn out.


Minimize and Maximize the Use of Your Commuting Time

If you commute to work, take that long slog of a journey to do some reading, listen to podcasts, do brain training or take up a relaxing hobby such as knitting. Or to be even more organized, you can use that time to write down your to-do lists for the day. If you designate your own tasks whilst on the train or bus, then you can take control of how your time is being used.


Share the Load

Family, friends and colleagues could all be tugging you in different directions, getting you to do this that and the other. When things get too much, establish firmer rules with how much you are really willing to take on. Discuss with your family a fairer way of doing household chores. Take control of how you use your time. Get others to share the load for a change.


Working from Home

Of course this is dependent on what type of job you have. But with fast-speed internet and conference calling technology, nowadays it is possible to work effectively from home. It cuts down commuting time, the stress of rush hour and also travels expenses. By working from home you would be ensuring you are spending time on you and your ability to be productive, not wasting time on a packed train.


Consider Setting up Your Own Business

If you find your current job is unfulfilling and doesn’t give you the necessary job satisfaction, try being your own boss. Enterprising and entrepreneurial work sets you up to be independent, organized and tons more skills to boot. Of course it is brave work to set up your own business, but it could all pay off because at least you are the one who controls your life.

Feeling settled and in control of your life is difficult and what many people struggle with. It’s just a natural part of life. But you can do things to take control and feel more at ease with where you are and what you’re doing, to help you manage your time significantly better. With these Top 10 Ways to Take Control of Your Life, you could make decisions that lead you to happiness! If you have any, please share your personal ways on how you control the strains of life!

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