7 Unhealthy Habits and How to Stop Them ...


7 Unhealthy Habits and How to Stop Them ...
7 Unhealthy Habits and How to Stop Them ...

Unhealthy Habits – let's be honest, we all have them. Some are worse than others and will severely damage your health, like smoking. Other unhealthy habits are less serious but just because they're 'less bad' doesn't mean that they should be ignored. So what can you do about fixing your nicotine addiction or dodgy diet? Try the following tips for dealing with some of those unhealthy habits

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This is probably one of the most common unhealthy habits on this list. When you get a bit peckish, it's almost automatic to reach for something sweet or unhealthy, like potato chips (unless you're one of those super-disciplined people who always has fresh carrot sticks in the fridge). People who don't eat breakfast often end up snacking on sugary foods. How to break the habit? Always eat a healthy, filling breakfast, and if you are prone to nibbling snacks loaded with additives and artificial ingredients, simply don't have them in the house. Then you won't be tempted.


Living on the Internet

The wonderful thing about the internet is that you can find just about everything you need there. What's not so good is that it becomes all too easy to spend every waking hour glued to your laptop and forget there's a real world out there. If you find your internet use becoming an unhealthy habit, break that habit by limiting your online time, just as you would with children, and by finding activities that take you out of the house.



The best choice is never to start smoking in the first place. Nobody can argue now that they were unaware of the dangers of smoking! However, if you're already hooked, then find the determination to give up. That has to come from within, and without it you're unlikely to stop. There is lots of help available, including hypnosis tapes, support groups and helplines, and nicotine patches or electronic cigarettes.


Binge Drinking

This is a nasty unhealthy habit, no doubt about it. Many bingers think that they don't actually have a problem. They're just going out for 'a few drinks', right? Trouble is, it's not just a few, and they're getting through much more than they realise. Also, nights out so often revolve around alcohol, and people think you are no fun if you don't drink, so the pressure is on to keep up. The answer: know your limits and stick to them. Don't allow yourself to be persuaded to drink more than you want – if you get too much criticism for limiting your consumption, find a new social circle.


Desperately Disorganised

Many of us admit to being disorganised. But how can this be an unhealthy habit? Well, if you're constantly stressed at work because your desk is piled high with work that you can't seem to start on, or you come home to a messy house and can't relax, it's not good for your health. So, get your home organised by dedicating time to sorting and cleaning (ask friends for help if it needs a major clear-out). As for work, prioritise the most important tasks, ask for assistance if you have too much to reasonably deal with, and put paperwork in an order that you can work through methodically.


Highest Heels

High heels are something most women adore, they're beautiful to look at and make you feel sexy and powerful. That is, until the point at which your feet start to ache and the shoes begin to rub. Wearing high heels constantly can cause considerable damage to your feet. Is it worth damaging them for the sake of beauty? So, if you can't give up your heel habit, at least limit the time you spend wearing them, and alternate with flatter shoes and lower heels.


Incredible Overspending

Spending beyond your means is also an unhealthy habit – unhealthy for your bank balance, that is! It's very easy to get in trouble through buying unnecessary purchases. So if you find that your shopping habit is getting out of hand and the credit card bills are mounting up, act before you get in trouble. Cut up your cards, keeping one for emergencies, pay in cash and train yourself not to buy everything you want.

Most of us would have to admit to one, two or more of the above unhealthy habits if we were forced (I'm not being forced, so I'm keeping quiet). It can take a bit of effort to break unhealthy habits, but with determination and reflection it can be done. What are some most unhealthy habits you'll admit to?

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