7 Tips for Avoiding Diabetes ...


7 Tips for Avoiding Diabetes ...
7 Tips for Avoiding Diabetes ...

Diabetes is becoming a seriously widespread problem, especially type 2 diabetes. Although it's frighteningly prevalent, the thing to remember is that it is completely preventable as well. Many people also have prediabetes, which is a huge warning sign – they simply don't know it. In addition to keeping a close eye on your blood sugar levels, there are many tips for avoiding diabetes that can lead you away from the disease and into a healthier lifestyle.

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Shed Pounds

Quite often, the loss of a mere 10 pounds will be able to put you out of the danger zone where diabetes is concerned. People who are overweight or obese are far more likely to contract diabetes; even those who have type 2 diabetes now can actually get rid of the disease if they lose weight. It is extremely helpful to count up how many calories you are consuming each day. You can lose weight simply by taking in fewer calories, without even having to exercise – but that is always recommended.


Eating Greens

If you like getting fried mozzarella sticks, onion rings, or nachos for an appetizer, try swapping those choices out for a salad for a while. Consuming greens is a great tip for avoiding diabetes. If you eat your salad with a nice, tasty vinaigrette dressing, you can minimize your appetite and keep your blood sugar under control.


Stop Driving

Naturally, I don't mean you should stop driving completely. However, whenever possible, you should walk rather than hop in your car. If you even start parking toward the back of the lot at work or the store, you can get some of the exercise you need to get healthier. As stated, you can lose weight simply by cutting calories, but nothing beat staying active. Besides that, when you exercise, your body uses its insulin in more efficient ways.


Embrace Whole Grains

Eating certain kinds of grains will also help you steady and control your blood sugar levels. Switching cereals is another great tip for avoiding diabetes. If you choose a cereal with more whole grains, you decrease your risk for type 2 diabetes – not to mention stroke, high blood pressure, and even breast cancer.


Keep on with Coffee

Believe it or not, coffee can actually help you avoid diabetes as well. Some studies show that coffee – or, rather, caffeine – can hold diabetes safely at bay. People who drink six cups of coffee a day can lower their risk by over half!


Fight Fast Food

Fast food is your worst nightmare in the fight against diabetes. One of the best tips for avoiding diabetes is to also avoid places like McDonald's and Burger King like the plague. A once in a blue moon kind of visit is largely all right, but never let fast food be a steady part of your diet. Super Size Me was right, you know: that many Big Macs will lead to big time health problems, not limited to type 2 diabetes.


Get Tested

Quite often, prevention is the best cure. You need to know what your blood sugar levels look like, especially if diabetes run in your family. Get tested with you can, and talk to your doctor about more things you can do to keep yourself safe from diabetes.

These are just a few tips for avoiding diabetes. There are many more of them, all of which can help you stay healthy and avoid this increasingly prevalent disease. What do you do to avoid type 2 diabetes?

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